1v1 duel in CS: GO – how to set up a match

1v1 battles are a great way to diversify your usual pastime in CSGO, especially if you are bored with the standard 5v5 competitive mode. Recently they have become more and more popular, because in them you can not only hone your fighting skills, but also get little with anything comparable adrenaline rush.

If you don’t know how to set up such a match without bots, don’t worry. This article is essentially a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Here we will not only talk about the settings, teams and maps for 1v1 duels, but also try to explain why you should at least try them, and tell you which sites support tournaments in this mode.

How to create a 1v1 game in CS: GO

There are several ways, but the one we will talk about is creating a private server. It is the fastest as it takes no more than 2 minutes.

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All you need to do is load one of the maps, start the match, and then set the necessary settings or enter the necessary commands into the console. It’s simple, even a complete beginner can figure it out.

Note: On standard competitive CSGO maps, 1v1 duels can be very long. Therefore, you will need a special custom map.

Step 1. Load maps for 1v1 battles

The first step is to choose a map on which you will duel with your friend. However, if you have already decided that you want to “fence” on a standard competitive map like de_mirage or de_train, then you can skip this step.

Here are the best, in our opinion, aim cards for 1v1 duels. Hyperlinks lead to the Steam Workshop, where these cards can be downloaded immediately. To download the map, just click on the green “Subscribe” button.

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  • aim_crashz_dust_1on1 (by crashz)
  • aim_map (authors – FREIHH and leplubodeslapin)
  • aim_redline (by FREIHH and leplubodeslapin)
  • aim_ak_day (by FREIHH and leplubodeslapin)

Note: After you click on “Subscribe”, the card will be automatically added to your account. If it is not in the list of cards, restart the game.

Step 2. Start the server 1 on 1

Now we launch a private server, which you and your friend can then join. Launching such a server is similar to launching a game with bots. The only difference is that you need one of the loaded maps and additional commands.

Now we launch a private server which you and your friend can

However, if you do not want to host the server yourself, you can use ready-made solutions and tournament platforms.

Note: There are several verified sites on the servers of which you can create a 1 on 1 game for free.This will change the game mode and set the most important settings like the number of rounds, free body armor, round time and time to buy weapons.

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Note: In total, you will need to enter 25 commands – this is too much to insert them all into the console at once. Therefore, we have divided them into 2 groups: mandatory commands and additional commands.

In addition, these commands will kick the bots and finish the warm-up. To use them, open the console and press the “~” key.

Here are the required commands:

mp_warmup_end; mp_weapons_allow_map_placed “1”; mp_roundtime “2”; mp_roundtime_defuse “2”; mp_buytime “5”; mp_freezetime “3”; mp_round_restart_delay “5”; mp_maxrounds “16”; mp_halftime “1”; mp_match_can_clinch “1”; bot_kick all; mp_restartgame “3”

Here are additional commands:

mp_overtime_enable “0”; mp_startmoney “16000”; mp_t_default_primary “weapon_ak47”; mp_t_default_secondary “weapon_p250”; mp_ct_default_primary “weapon_ak47”; mp_ct_default_secondary “weapon_p250”; mp_restartgame “3”

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Tip: After starting the game, enter the command sv_cheats 0. Otherwise, your friend can use cheating commands like r_drawothermodels 2, which turns on the wolf.

The advantages of 1v1 duels

We’re done with the technical side. It turned out to be not that difficult, right? But if you have just started playing CSGO, you may be wondering if you need 1v1 duels at all. We completely understand you.

As you may know, CSGO is a team-based competitive game where two teams of 5 each fight each other to either defuse or detonate a bomb. So why play 1v1 then? Here’s why:

  • Aiming training. In Counter-Strike, not only team skills are important, but also individual skills. And the latter you can train yourself, without friends. One proven way to improve aiming is to practice aiming.
  • Clutches. Winning an important clutch can play an important role in the entire match. Therefore, anyone should train such situations, we will not be afraid of this word. Some players love clutches, and some just hate them, and if you are in the second category, you should definitely try 1v1 duels.
  • Adrenaline. The moments when you face your opponent face to face generate a horsey dose of adrenaline. There is no one to rely on anymore – the victory in the match depends only on you. So if you love adrenaline-pumping gaming situations where your heart is about to jump out of your chest, definitely pay attention to 1v1 duels.
  • Respect the streets. Sometimes it happens that you want to show off in front of your friends or even earn their respect.With their help, you can run a 1v1 duel on an online server without having to enter commands and host the server.

Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • FACEIT: Large competitive PvP game platform with over 8 million users.
  • PVPRO: Medium-sized platform with dozens of tournaments with interesting prizes every day
  • Challengermode: A gaming platform aimed at providing the best gaming experience possible.

Counter-Strike is a team-based game, and its most popular mode is competitive 5v5 combat. But after a while, this mode can get boring. And a good way to avoid this routine is to indulge in 1v1 duels at least occasionally.

CounterStrike is a teambased game and its most popular

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Setting up a private match is trivial and simple and only takes a few minutes. Duels are worth trying, at least, because they will help improve aiming, become better in clutches and earn the respect of your teammates. A nice bonus is a powerful adrenaline rush.

Now you know how to create 1v1 duels in CS: GO, what advantages it gives and what sites can help you with this. If you forgot something and did not understand, then you can return to this manual at any time.