Anno 1800 – Review – how to get the New World?

The new land is a harbinger of new possibilities. The first factories have already been built on our island, but they do not meet the current demand. Moreover, man in his nature always strives to have everything more and more. Anno 1800 appears on the horizon, which is to provide us with the possibility of development and gaining the treasures of the Old and New world. Just how many games are there in the game?

The Galakta publishing house once launched a basket with announcements, and one of them was Anno 1800. A board game, based on the popular computer series, in which our goal is to expand our island with new industries and trade routes and ensure its prosperity. At the beginning, people only get basic products, but the farther into the forest, the more they expect from us. That is why we have to build new factories producing various goods and discover new opportunities to obtain valuable luxury goods that we are not able to produce ourselves. Anno 1800 is a game for four people who need to create a well-functioning supply chain and meet people’s expectations by constructing new buildings, expanding the fleet and trading with others. Their expectations are shown on the cards. Farmers need regular beer or fur, but more skilled workers want more specialized goods. In the end, all played cards will bring you influence points and allow you to choose the best steward. Competition is awake, factories disappear quickly, and space on the board is also limited. Will you be up to the task?

The Galakta publishing house once launched a basket with

How do we play?

In Anno 1800, each player develops his own piece of the island by adding new industrial buildings or expanding the fleet. Players alternately take turns until someone gets rid of the last card from their hand. During a turn, we can only perform one action from several available.

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We need resources to perform some actions. We generate these from our buildings by sending the appropriate employee there. Unfortunately, we cannot produce them in advance, but only when doing something that requires resources. If we are unable to produce a resource and another player has it, we can trade with it. The cost of trade tokens depends on the color of the worker needed to generate some good. The other player cannot refuse the transaction and receives one gold cube to compensate. Precious ore is used to free workers from buildings for reuse.

We need resources to perform some actions

The most important action that we will perform most often is construction. Each of the tiles has specific requirements for the raw materials that we need to obtain. We also need a free space on our island to add a new tile. It is also allowed to build up other structures.Each card has a resource cost to play it. Cards earn points at the end of the game and have a special one-time ability. Interestingly, we can choose any moment when we activate the bonus. Activation is not treated as an action, so for example, we can use several previously played cards.

The most important action that we will perform most often

If our cards do not suit us, we have the option of replacing them. When performing this action, choose up to three cards from your hand, discard them and choose three new ones from the appropriate piles.

If we lack employees, we can increase our workforce. As part of this action, we can buy up to three new cubes, paying the appropriate cost depending on their color. Each time we gain a new worker, we have to pick a new card from the appropriate pile.

Our human resources can also develop. As part of the Improvement of markers action, we upgrade up to 3 of our Population Markers. During this action, we do not draw new cards, because the number of our employees does not change.

Our human resources can also develop

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Discovery tokens from Research Ships are required for the settlement of the Old World action. Thanks to this, we will be able to expand our area with new islands. The new tiles can give players bonuses printed on the tiles. We can also carry out the discovery of the New World, as part of which we will get access to exotic resources. These goods cannot be traded by other players. Additionally, we also draw three New World cards.

As part of the action of drawing an expedition card, we get cards that can provide additional points at the end of the game. On the expedition cards, there is an animal for the Zoo on the left and an artifact for the Museum on the right, and the background color indicates which colored dice we need.

As part of the action of drawing an expedition

The last option is to perform the festival’s actions. If we cannot or do not want to do anything, this action allows us to refresh all used employees and tokens. When one of the players plays their last card from their hand, we play the circle to the end and start one more, last round. The player who initiated the end gets a firework token worth seven points. At the end, we sum up all the points scored and choose the winner.


I had high expectations for Anno 1800. The name Wallec on the box, but it obliges and allows you to hope for a piece of board game thick and thick with points. Unfortunately, I find it with great pain that reality has become slightly complicated and the latest Anno board game is not a top-class brilliant and has a few shortcomings that slightly negatively affect the overall picture. I had a lot of fun, but my expectations were a bit higher.I thought for a long time whether to leave the game on the shelf or to circulate it, but in the end the number of advantages exceeds the disadvantages and I will definitely play in Anno, because it is definitely worth it.

I had high expectations for Anno

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Anno 1800 is a hard game. Like a standard box, and the number of elements is not terribly large, but the level of combining and a multitude of options is already a higher level. After unfolding and starting our turn, great opportunities open up for us. The available paths sometimes overwhelm many experienced players who have spent a lot of moments in their lives on such titles. We can build new buildings, seek happiness on unknown islands, recruit and improve people, and get rid of cards. Beginning with Anno is a bit of a blind game, but with each game we start to discover the potential and see a lot of different strategies. Nevertheless, embracing it all can burn the scrolls and cause a little decision paralysis.

Anno is a hard game

I really like the resource generation mechanics. It is simple, yet interesting and intuitive enough that I had a lot of fun doing it. The combinations of raw materials that make up the next ones are quite well thought out and quite thematic. Blocking our employees in the right fields must work well with what others are producing. We won’t be able to produce everything, so we often trade with others.

When it comes to trading, getting the missing resources is fun, although the compensation for the donor is totally disproportionate. We spend the workers and the whole turn on building, and the opponent will get the missing icon for the useless trade tokens and will take away something better from under our nose. Of course, we will get such powerful gold, which with this configuration sounds a bit like a joke. In the early games you don’t see it that much, but when the table is filled with four lame players who analyze each move quite strongly, it is quite clearly visible. As they say, who builds does not score.

When it comes to trading getting the missing resources is

Such a heavy euro also has quite a big problem with randomness and balance. Both players get a green worker and hence new cards. Seemingly the same situation, but the goal to achieve one is less demanding than the other. The rewards, of course, are the same. I don’t know where the point is, but with euro games such situations are quite frustrating. Fate will not be fair for everyone, and two or three easy cards to start give a kick.

Anno 1800 is a game with an indefinite number of rounds. Initially, we only get more cards and it seems that the game will never end. At some point, our industry is already so developed that we are able to play something every turn.The translation of the rules itself will also take a while, although I did not notice any major problems with their assimilation. I had a good time playing in each squad and I don’t see much difference in the fun of playing with more or less people at the table.

Anno is a game with an indefinite number of rounds


When it comes to the quality of workmanship, I have nothing to complain about here. The game has a lot of good quality cardboard elements and the cards we play are solid and do not deteriorate so quickly. In euro games, readability is the most important, and in Anno 1800, despite the large number of buildings and hundreds of small icons, it has been preserved. The graphics are nice, although I would not find a greater atmosphere here, nevertheless they are pleasant to watch and match the theme of the game.

I liked the idea for Anno 1800 very much and I have been waiting for this game from the very first announcement. The island expansion and the interesting resource generation mechanics work fine, although overall the game looks a bit launched without a thorough process of testing and smoothing the whole thing. Everything seems to be working properly, there is a desire to play the game again, and the brain evaporates from the number of decisions made, but something in the carton is spoiling and grinding. The game offers a lot of ways to win and a lot of opportunities to check, but I recommend that you play before buying.

I liked the idea for Anno very much and I have

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