Another Blizzard team to make another RTS for Tencent

Exactly how many big names have left Blizzard Entertainment in the last 12 months, which of them founded which studio and which project is working on? Great question with a non-obvious answer. Every n weeks, someone new comes up on the air with the studio under a new name and a new combination of classic Blizzard hits.

Two more veterans of the company, David Kim and Jason Hughes, woke up from sleep today. They founded game studio Uncapped Games Studios and are working on RTS under the wing of Chinese giant Tencent. Kim left Blizzard in April, quitting development of Diablo IV. Hughes – in May, quitting development … Diablo IV.

No, we are not confused about dates and news. Yes, there is Frost Giant Studios, also founded by veterans of Blizzard and also developing real-time strategy. And this, oddly enough, is a completely separate office.

When Tencent’s new wards release their game, the question is. True, since the programmers are sponsored by Tencent, it is very likely that the project of the studio of Kim and Hughes will appear on the market faster than anything else from other Blizzard immigrants.