Beware of stepping between two quarreling women – review of the book “Confusion of the Night”

After seven parts full of various adventures, the reader, reaching for another one, begins to doubt what else can happen to this poor woman whose greatest vice is the desire to protect loved ones. Fortunately, Patricia Briggs doesn’t disappoint and re-delivers an interesting story all the way to the last page of the novel.

Guerrilla warfare

Once it had to happen, Christy, Adam’s ex-wife, decided to take advantage of her difficult situation (she was beaten up by a mysterious, ex-lover who now also threatens her) and move in fear to her ex and Mercy. The alpha, of course, cannot refuse, because he has a strong desire to care for the weaker, but the mechanic is not satisfied with this turn of events. Mercedes, however, tries his best not to worsen an already difficult situation (most of the gang loves Christy), especially since it has its own problem to deal with. An ancient one who wants to get his staff back has come to her. Of course, the woman would gladly return it to him, but she had already given it to Coyote, and he was gone like a stone to water.

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Patchwork family

Reading Disrupt of the Night was enjoyable and fairly quick. The book takes turns reading about trying to take back Adam Christa and about trying to figure out and defeat a new opponent. The plots smoothly intertwine and dose the tension accordingly, all the way to the standard final fight at the end of the novel. A lot of space in this book is devoted to the relationship of the pack and Adam with Mercedes and Christa. On the one hand, it was interesting to see how strong and clever Kojocica gives way to a manipulator. She trusts her husband so strongly that she knows she can afford it. On the other hand, the plot was frustrating at times, because the ex-wife’s licks were so mean at times that you wanted to enter the plot and give Mercy a comforting hug. Of course, the novel also features a paranormal adversary whose origins have turned out to be quite unusual and therefore interesting. Coyote fans will surely be pleased to see him appear for a while, and as if that were not enough, we also get to know another member of the shapeshifters family.

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A bit of a good episode of the series

Thinking about the Patricia Briggs series, I come to the conclusion that it reminds me of a good series. Each episode (book) is about something different. Both new and regular heroes appear. The author is able to introduce new things, but she always closes the story, so the reader is never left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. There is even a constant rhythm of events: a sudden change or an event at the beginning, slowly unfolding threads and the final fight in which Mercedes takes a heavy hit, but as befits a coyote, he comes out unscathed.

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