Blood of Heroes Open Beta Now Available on PC

Vizor Games announces the start of the open beta of its weapon-focused game Blood of Heroes. As part of the promotional campaign, between August 25 and 27, Vizor Games presented its title at this year’s Gamescom. Yesterday evening, as part of the Gamescom studio, an interview was broadcasted exclusively for IGN by the project director, Dmitry Voronov. PC players can now take part in the Blood of Heroes open beta by registering on the official website of the game.

The open beta will run until the full game is unannounced for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X; Throughout the beta testing period, the gameplay will be continuously improved and updated based on player feedback.

Blood of Heroes feeds on the human appetite for destruction. Each of the heroes of the game is a skilled warrior who has been locked in the chaos cycle. Every day they have to stand up and fight, trying to win the favor and approval of the stone-faced gods.

Main features of the game:

A challenging and extensive combat system based on the player’s skills that takes into account every aspect of a bloody battle to reward the most skilled skull splitter.

A set of heroes that aren’t just walking stats. Anyone can overcome their weaknesses and win or lose to the meekest of the meek if not well guided.

Three main game modes: Challenge a stranger to a duel, join other glory-seekers in a brawl or polish your tactical skills in domination mode.

Personal arena items transform the player’s hideout into the best place to fight and polish your skills with game-changing landscapes and monstrous decorations.

Blood of Heroes is available for free, interested players can now join the open beta by registering at Vizor Games plans to make Blood of Heroes available in the future also on platforms such as: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Blood of Heroes is available in the following language versions: English, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Italian. More information is available on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook by Vizor Games ..