Canvas – Review – can you paint pictures?

I have always envied people with artistic talents. I like to browse the works of less known artists who often create amazing compositions or drawings. If you do not have the ability, but the artist’s soul is within you, Canvas may be your salvation.

Canvas is the newest addition to Awaken Realms, better known for its huge campaigns on support portals. Each of them attracts crowds of fans willing to spend large sums on their games. Canvas also had his moment on Kickstarter, but in the end it hits the tables of Polish players. In the game, we play the role of a painter looking for inspiration to create the latest painting. As you know, the idea is half the success of any project and it is no different in the painting process. Up to five players are tasked with the help of fantastic looking transparent cards to put together an image that will be judged in different categories. Inspiration is inspiration, but our art will be intensively verified by experts from various fields. Everyone looks at our work from a different angle and can give us a different number of ribbons. And did I mention that the competition is also awake and competing for the title of the best artist?

Canvas is the newest addition to Awaken Realms better known

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How do we play?

The rules to explain and learn are quite simple and do not take much time, and this, as is known in the world of art and games, is valuable. Each player gets three background cards at the start, on which he will create images assessed in four previously drawn categories. When one of the players completes the third work, the game is over and we will choose the best painter.

Each player will take turns taking turns with only one action at his disposal, which he can spend on drawing new idea cards or creating an image.

There are ideas on the mat that we can use to create our work. The ones on the left are free, but each new one is more valuable and requires one token to be placed on the previous cards with special inspiration markers. If we draw a card with chips, they come back to us. There is no other way to get them, so handle them carefully.

There are ideas on the mat that we can use to create

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Having at least three cards of inspiration, we can undertake the creation of an image. At our discretion, we put the transparent cards on top of each other and present the image for the jury’s evaluation. The criteria vary and the extent to which they are met depends on the colors and symbols at the bottom of each image. For their fulfillment, we get ribbons that score points at the end of the game. The player with the most victory points will become the best artist.


Canvas is one of those games that you can buy just for making. The cover itself is already encouraging to play. We don’t have any unnecessary inscriptions on it and we can admire a great picture.The real hit and the magnet that attracts the greatest attention are the layers on which we will arrange our pictures. They are nice made, they look solid and still look good after many batches. The workmanship of Canvas is at the highest level and it’s hard for me to fault anything.

Canvas is one of those games that you can buy

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Canvas is an amazingly fast and addictive game that can successfully replace other short filler games. The title is so light and nice that it is a pleasure to translate it. Less advanced players will quickly get what’s going on and start painting their first pictures. I think Canvas can change the title part for a good start to a board game hobby. The game evokes only positive emotions, which, combined with a light dose of combining, gives us a nice and likeable title. The last time was favorable for various board games and wherever I decided to show him he did a really good job.

This is the first time I’ve played a game that combines the visual aspect so well and uses it as part of the game mechanics. The person in charge of the T-shirt and transparent card concept should scoop up a solid bonus and be awarded with innovative simplicity. Supposedly it’s nothing new and looks trivial, but hats off to make the whole game around stacking pictures from cards looking so good and very fun to do.

This is the first time Ive played a game that

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The subject of painting pictures and the whole background associated with it is felt throughout the game. The titles of our paintings are a nice flavor, which are to reflect what is happening on them. Of course, the most important thing is to read the icons and score points, but such small details have a positive effect on the reception of the game.

Mechanically, Canvas is a puzzle reduced to three cards. We need to build an image that will give us as many ribbons as possible and thus points at the end of the game. Cards with layers can be arranged as we like. I like the moment when we try to figure out the best work from the collected cards. We translate, cover, try again, we wonder if we might not choose something else. We cover some symbols while revealing others. The icing in the game is to find the right combination in our painting in such a way as to perfectly match the requirements set by the demanding jury. It sounds simple, although in practice it is not that easy.

Mechanically Canvas is a puzzle reduced to three

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The game is very replayable thanks to the large number of transparent cards and a lot of combinations for scoring. Each batch is diverse and requires a different approach to building images. The game offers fun for up to five players and it is in this group that I recommend playing. The more people at the table, the more going on.The gameplay is really simple and they are not empty words. For those used to a little more mental effort, Canvas may be too simple and therefore boring. Each game is worth giving a shot, but if you’re looking for a challenging position, painting is not what you want.

Canvas is a light and fun game that offers fast and quite engaging entertainment for twenty minutes. It works great as a cut-scene or a small title to start a marathon of heavy games. The level of combining is decent, although for the more demanding the game may be too simple and downright boring. You will not find such an accessible and nicely published game to start with board games.

Canvas is a light and fun game that offers fast and quite

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