Cartoon Network’s program hits for February!

“Craig from the Potok”

Craig, J.P. and Kelsey are the stars of the animated story about the events at the Potok. But before Craig and Co. started making trouble on the river at Herkleton, the First Potokers were there in the 1970s. Due to unexplained adult disputes, they were all forced to stay locked up with no play in the yard. It was then that the tradition of fighting for the flag of closed camps began: to this day, the entire stream is ruled by the team that will take possession of the flag. Craig, Kelsey, and J.P. they find an old letter left by the First Potokers. There, the ancestors explain why they left their base. It is not enough to unravel a long-standing mystery and find out what were the causes of the first duels. Craig also finds a diary, the content of which may be the key to solving the puzzle. Unfortunately, the diary falls into the Brook and the heroes have to do without it! In special episodes, viewers will also see the search for valuable treasures and the history of finding old flags.

Craig J

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The broadcast of new special episodes from the 3rd season on Saturday, February 12 at 10:45 on the Cartoon Network channel. Re-broadcast on February 13 12:30, February 19 11:40 and February 27 11:40.

“Friends from the Potok”

Even more adventures at the Potok in winter! A pack of the main characters, i.e. Craig, Kelsey and J.P. they are best buddies. Kelsey, a girl with a strong character, loves literature and stories about great heroes. She also has a little friend: the bird Mortimor, who goes with her everywhere .. he is the most optimistic of the three and always improves the mood of the rest of the group, and his positive attitude allows him to convince the whole group to participate in great adventures. Craig is able to reconcile the optimism and steadfastness of his friends: he likes to let his imagination run wild, but keeps his feet firmly on the ground. Together they go on great adventures, and the combination of their features makes them an undefeated pack!

Even more adventures at the Potok in winter

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In the episodes of the series, Kelsey and J.P. they help Craig get his hair back after an unfortunate visit to the hairdresser. They go in search of the lost Keeper of Time and try to chase out the intruders: the Honeysuckle Keepers.

The premiere of the marathon on Saturday, February 5 at 10:45 am on the Cartoon Network channel. Emission of new episodes on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:45.

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