Christmas Fever! Review. But I’m a snowman

I’m sitting down to write this review, feeling the judgmental gaze of indignant my life choices, a constantly growing pile of shame on my back. He cannot understand what caused me to spend the preceding evenings with last year’s two-dimensional platformer in a festive atmosphere. And I wish I could write here that I was hoping to discover an inconspicuous gem that would otherwise be lost in a flood of novelty, but the truth is that I was well aware of what kind of game Christmas Fever is! – by all means clichéd and devoid of panache.

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I am a snowman

We play the role of an unidentified snowman who travels through the world without any clear purpose. Our only task is to reach the plate with the word “end”, while collecting snowflakes scattered on the boards and avoiding obstacles and creatures wandering around. There are several types of the latter, but each of them behaves exactly the same – it shuffles back and forth to charge the player as soon as he sees him. This makes the gameplay appallingly boring, because the platform challenge is also absent most of the time.

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At least one of us is having a good time …

The creators tried to diversify the gameplay with several types of special abilities that we gain by collecting colorful gifts scattered around the map. Depending on the color of the collected box, we will be able to run faster and jump higher, turn into a snowball crushing enemies, climb walls, or finally make a quick dodge, which is primarily used to cover longer distances in the air. This slightly breaks the monotony of the game, requiring the player to first acquire the appropriate ability, because we can only have one at a time equipped. Another thing is that we usually find a gift of the right color right in front of the obstacle, so don’t think too much.

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Snow too dry

The biggest problem of Christmas Fever! the fact is that in many respects the title is simply poorly designed. The snowman controlled by us does not move with the moving platforms. In turn, those still are often hidden outside the camera frame, constantly forcing us to make leaps of faith in the hope that we will not fall into the abyss or land on the opponent, thus ending our pathetic, idolized life. Not only that, some rifts are designed in such a way that you have to use a special skill to overcome them in a completely unintuitive way, because would you think that switching to a snowball would help you jump to the other side?

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Snowman with certificates.On the fingers of one hand, I am able to count the moments in which the creator presented me with a challenge that really required dexterity and intuition. And that doesn’t even change with the new Christmas-related levels added to the game as part of the free update. It’s just more of the same, including graphics and metal versions of Christmas carols playing in the background. Trust me, there are much better ways to spend a dozen or so zlotys than buying Christmas Fever! ..

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