Cyberpunk 2077 review. The worst of the best

The samurai summoned to burn down the city actually got up, but then collapsed like long, knocking out a few teeth in the process. This is how you could briefly describe the premiere of Cyberpunk 2077, the newest and first CD Projekt RED production unrelated to the Witcher. Well, we all know that already. We are all well aware of her numerous problems and scandals related to her debut. So there is nothing to beat the bush – it was supposed to be a gaming messiah, one of the biggest disappointments of 2020. But does this infamous title automatically mean that Cyberpunk 2077 is a game not worth your money?

Contrary to popular opinion of furious Internet users – no, it does not mean. The Internet has a very unpleasant love of extremes. In the case of the gaming world, it usually boils down to the fact that, on the wave of hype, a fairly average production can be raised to a pedestal, while the most competent title is poured with a bucket of slop, because some of the announced functions have finally dropped out of it. Unfortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 belongs to the latter group of games and at times you can get the impression that it is an absolute disaster. The truth usually lies in the middle, and the new RED game, though plagued by a lot of problems, is overall a really solid RPG set in an absolutely fascinating world.

We play the role of V, who is a blank canvas for the player, on which he will be able to paint his dream avatar. There are a lot of personalization options here, because we can choose not only the gender of the hero or his external appearance, but even such small details as the color of the nails, the size of the nipples or the length of the penis. Although in the game itself it is of absolutely marginal importance, because we observe the action in first-person mode, but anyone can create a V in their own image, including sexual minorities. In fact, when creating my version of the main avatar, the only important choice is the origin that defines the beginning of the story – in my case, V was a nomad who got into Night City through unsuccessful smuggling. However, if the atmosphere of Mad Max does not suit you very well, you may be interested in a career of punk or corposzczura.

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Through the Eye of Cyberkassian (Xbox Series S)

Cyberpunk fails in several ways and is definitely not a gaming messiah. I can risk the thesis that it is not even the best Polish game released this year. On the one hand, we have a great story and heroes here, at the absolute highest level, but nevertheless, it is striking that our choices do not have too much influence on it. The premiere of the CD Projekt Red title has been postponed many times. The game was released, but at what cost? A sea of ​​bugs, some really strange shortcomings, not to mention glitching, of course, having to reload the game, etc.Not now, of course, it would require changing the way the game is advertised sooner. Certainly not as something the world has not seen. I think the gaming community would be much more sympathetic to bugs, and on the other hand, the developers would gain even more time by not having to crunch to power. Not to mention the fact that then many of the interesting ideas and mechanics could certainly be put into practice, many of our editors continue to outplay Cyberpunk despite these mistakes. This, of course, shows the class of some aspects of Cyberpunk 2077, but it doesn’t mean you can wave your hand at certain things. It is currently production for 7/10 and probably the only such fantastic game that should get such a rating. I go back to play on P.S. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Cyberpunk 2077 should work as they do on my Xbox Series S. It’s just a sad story, as a result of which CD Projekt Red lost the trust of millions of players

Cyberpunk fails in several ways and is definitely not a gaming messiah

Whatever you choose, you’ll end up in Night City – a huge and absolutely visually stunning city ruled by mega-corporations and, to a lesser extent, local gangs. Due to high crime and corruption of the police, mercenaries play an extremely important role here, undertaking difficult and often illegal tasks on behalf of the residents. V, who is engaged in this profession, unfortunately becomes one of the many victims of the city when, after a failed jump to the headquarters of the Arasaka corporation, she lands half-dead in a nearby garbage dump. It quickly turns out that this is her least worry, because in her head there is a personality construct of Johnny Silverhand, a musician and terrorist from fifty years ago, who is now slowly taking control of her body.

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The narrative in Cyberpunk 2077 is its absolute best element. Here, too, this aspect is as high-level as in the devoutly beloved Witcher 3. I haven’t really gotten to know any game world for a long time, just like the cyberpunk Night City, which is full of smaller and larger stories, making the city seem really lives. The plot is not limited to the main plot or even side quests, because even such minor activities as murdering local gangs at the request of the police offer the player a scrap of a minor story. From the collected records of conversations, one can learn, for example, that a group of bandits that we had just defeated came to this place to get rid of the dealer who refused to cooperate with them. Supposedly nothing, but these are the flavors that build the credibility of the game world.

The characters V encounters on his way are also a script masterpiece. I haven’t seen such a range of diverse and ambiguous characters in games for a long time.And for example, the initially repulsive Panam Palmer, turns out to be a woman full of warmth and love for her nomadic family, who immediately became a Twitter favorite, and Jackie Wells, in turn, resembling a typical football fan, turns out to be a giant with a dove-heart. Night City is therefore full of shades of gray, which only makes them look like the real world. Well, because in reality we very rarely meet people who are categorically bad or clearly good. Transferring this fact to Cyberpunk 2077 means that when interacting with its inhabitants, we often have to think longer not only about the hidden motivations of our clients, but also about our own morality, because when working for someone we absolutely do not trust, we do not become solely a gun for hire?

The characters V encounters on his way are also a script

Romantic threads are also noteworthy, and their role here is not to reward horny players with the sight of virtual breasts. The conquest of the female (or male) heart in Cyberpunk is not limited to flooding our chosen one with tons of chocolates, flowers and other gifts, but is a separate, extensive storyline, the completion of which does not guarantee that we will see the sex scene crowning it. The fact that the heroes in the game are written to resemble real people as closely as possible means that they, too, must love us back. This is primarily influenced by our choices during the tasks related to them, but also by their orientation. Judy Alvarez, who is a lesbian, will not love male V, and the aforementioned Panam will take our female charms for nothing. In theory, this is a small detail, but in practice, it makes the characters not only cease to be some kind of sex doll, but even gain character. What’s more, even the sex scenes are tastefully directed here, so while the game doesn’t shy away from nudity, it’s not just plain porn.

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However, it is difficult not to get the impression that Cyberpunk 2077 was quite shredded at the production stage, which unfortunately also affected the storyline. First of all, chaotic are the first hours after reaching Night City, during which the creators flood us with a lot of information and names, often unfortunately not giving us the right context. So it’s easy to feel lost in all this chaos, and it doesn’t help that V has a story to do with most of the heroes he met at the time. Theoretically, to prepare us for all this has a short editing, in which the events of the first year of V’s life in Night City are condensed.The truth is that this title is by all means surprisingly average production, and in some places simply bad. I am already omitting the countless errors that could be written about an epic. Personally, I was lucky enough to not come across any glitches that break the game while playing on the Xbox Series X, so I had to deal only with crap like unreadable scripts and animations, jamming interface elements or a motorcycle, which when recalled materialized under another by car, thereby knocking it into the air. On the web, however, you can find information about errors that prevent the completion of a task or the game constantly crashes onto the desktop. The technical condition of Cyberpunk 2077 is therefore a small drama, but it is nothing that the developers would not be able to eliminate with the appropriate patches. So I believe that the game will be tidied up over the next year.

However it is difficult not to get the impression that Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox One

Cyberpunk 2077, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4

You’ve probably heard quite a lot about how Cyberpunk 2077 performs on previous-generation consoles. Unfortunately, the opinions of users were not exaggerated – this title in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions is an absolute nightmare. I found out about it personally when, for the purposes of the review, I dusted off my “VCR” and spent some time in the “eight-generation” Night City. Theoretically, this version is as playable as possible, because it starts up, and I had no problems with completing the next few tasks. However, I would recommend avoiding it with a wide berth, because the comfort of playing in this case is absurdly even low. I truly felt as if I had stepped back in time to the PS2 era, because Cyberpunk launched on my Xbox One welcomed me with not only 720p resolution, but also with a frame rate somewhere around 20FPS. As if that was not enough, I also had to endure many other inconveniences, such as a stuttering interface, reading menus or even the view of floating textures, which pleased my eyes for the last time while playing on PSX. Cyberpunk 2077 on the previous generation consoles is a scandal, and I will comment on any slogans about the age of the equipment as follows … Akhm … Red Dead Redemption II, The Last of Us Part II, Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

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Unfortunately, other problems plaguing the new CD Projekt RED game cannot be eliminated just as easily. In fact, most of the most important elements of the game should be redesigned here, because not only are they often quite average, but in some cases even “undercooked”.Rummaging through the game options doesn’t help much, so it’s best to just get used to the use of shotguns – not only are they not very precise, but their knocking down power knocks each enemy to the ground, making combat a lot easier. Alternatively, we can avoid bloodshed altogether and sneak between the guards patrolling the area, using hacking skills to distract them, or even overpower them. This works quite well, although it feels like Cyberpunk 2077 was not designed as a stealth game. Besides, some clashes simply cannot be avoided, so sooner or later we will have to apologize to the shotgun.

Contrary to appearances, the weapon in the picture is not covered with the camouflage of the future.

Contrary to appearances the weapon in the picture

Fortunately, the hero development system turns out to be quite successful, in which the style of play we choose is as important as the experience we gain. The aggressive game will result in, for example, a bonus to damage, but while sneaking, we will receive, among others, bonuses that increase the time it takes opponents to notice you. Cyberpunk 2077 also does not have one big skill tree. Instead, the developers chose five smaller ones, each assigned to one of the attributes. Therefore, after reaching the next level of the character, we will spend the received points not only on increasing the statistics, say, strength, but also buying the abilities hidden under it, specially (here called perks), such as reloading during the run. We will also raise our statistics by putting on better and better equipment and weapons, which are dropped in bulk from defeated opponents. If you are willing, you can also take care of quite basic crafting, which allows you to create and improve new weapons and clothes, or go to a ripperdock to have more implants for you or to replace the ones you already have.

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I would not have any major reservations at this point, if not for the fact that any fun in dressing up and developing your own character kills the game’s absolutely unintuitive menu. Before we get to a specific option, we first need to click through a pierdyliard of tabs. A kind of salt for the wound is the fact that for some reason the developers decided that it would be a good idea to base the entire interface on the cursor even in the console versions, making it not only unintuitive, but also simply inconvenient.

Through the Eye of Cyberjacub (PC)

I was lucky that I was playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a relatively strong PC. Of course, even this version is far from even decency. Errors, bugs, errors, and other technical shortcomings will accompany us at every step.Liquidity drops and the frequent need to load saves to fix the game did not spoil the fun of the game. The only aspect I can’t pass by indifferently, even with blinkers on my eyes, is the AI ​​level. In Cyberpunk 2077, artificial intelligence almost does not exist. The opponents cannot cope with the fight, cannot use covers and literally stumble over their own feet. Vehicles on the streets cannot maneuver easily to avoid the obstacle. I do not understand how a team of talented creators could afford such a catastrophe in this aspect, especially since Cyberpunk 2077 is full of beautiful and refined things. Night City delighted me with its panache and style, now I know that I will be happy to come back there every time. Currently, however, it’s hard to recommend this game with a clear conscience. I advise everyone who is planning a trip to the future to be patient and wait for the patches promised by the developers. This brilliant adventure will not escape you, and by playing its improved version, you will draw even more from the V story.

I was lucky that I was playing Cyberpunk

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The open world of the game is also far from perfect, because Night City is nothing more than a beautiful shell. Sure, your eyes will be constantly enchanted by the views of monumental skyscrapers and endless wastelands surrounding the city on all sides, and at night, neon lights reflecting off the wet streets will instill in you the desire to move to this dangerous, but very beautiful place. However, it would be a colossal mistake on your part, because in Night City there is simply not much to do, other than ticking off the next side quests or clearing the map from “question marks”, under which there is usually a group of snags to destroy. There are no collectibles here, no mini-games or passersby to talk to, and the only attractions are basically clothes and food stores, or prostitutes.

Unfortunately, the potential of the large, open world, where we can travel in a dozen or so really wonderfully designed cars and motorcycles, has not been used. So what if the driving model is very pleasant, and the music stations of various genres even encourage driving, since it has no goal in the slightest. In theory, we can get away with the police a bit, but absolutely every “chase” ends after passing two intersections, because law enforcement officers have apparently not been trained in the use of motorized vehicles, so they can chase us at most on foot.This division should make you realize how conflicted I am in my opinion of Cyberpunk 2077. On the one hand, it is a really great story, full of memorable heroes, and in addition, set in a beautiful and even unique world. On the other hand, it is a fairly average mix of a shooter and RPG, which would definitely do well for a few additional months of the already endless production process. But I am sure of one thing – Cyberpunk 2077 is the best worst game I have ever played ..