Dark Legends Descent – One game each

Dark Legends Descent is a new game in the world of Terrinoth. This is not the third edition of the Descent Wędrówki w Żoku known to us, but an independent title in similar climates. I played once, so I want to share a few thoughts with you.

3d terrain

Before starting the game, you need to assemble the whole box of the 3d scenery. We include pillars, stairs, gates, chests, trees and so on there. The whole procedure is simple, takes about 2 hours of unhurried assembly and didn’t cause me any problems.

Here you can see the whole process for yourself.

The game components look very nice, even before the game I picked up a well or a box and looked at them a little. The mere fact that there are 4 boxes and each one has a different graphic, just like the wooden doors, testifies well to the publisher. He could drive one model and get it over with, and he didn’t.

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The board

The game area grows during the game, it is enough for our character to land next to the exploration token. The application quickly suggests what to insert, usually from 3 to 5 elements. It also tells you what enemies appear. I really like background boards, such as water or lava, which are placed under the map tiles so that they stick out in the right places and form a lake. This works very well for the climate.

As the scenario progressed, it was necessary to set up the raised elements of the scenery. You are looking for the right tile, you attach the lifting pillars to it and match it to the stairs. Then you set up the rest of the boxes, trees, tables and go. Oh, it’s worth noting that you can interact with virtually everything on the map by spending one action. Nothing standing there is only decoration.

To sum up, the 3d board makes a great impression, it is functional, and its operation is not a problem.

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They are divine, the level of performance calmly comparable to the current Games Workshop models. Their accuracy is knocking down, the poses are interesting and I assume that they will be great to paint. I have a problem with the molding, because they sit in it so tightly that I am afraid to take them out. I almost wait for the sound of the plastic breaking. Oh, size also matters, because smaller characters can hide under the edges of the map, and large characters do not fit. The latter are also easier to see and attack.

In Descent, Legends of Darkness is a flashpoint, controversial, problematic and what to call it – an application that turned out to be well-made, although it has its drawbacks.

The app takes on all the math, enemy AI, inventory and character levels, map construction and a lot of climate.

Mathematics – calculations related to combat, states and fate other than dice are transferred to the application code. During combat, the player chooses an enemy, rolls his dice, manipulates a bit of the results, and introduces the weapon used and successes.For example, he mentions that the barbarian howls and looks ominously at the player’s character; or the thief takes out his fan of knives and waits. He also adds narrative inserts – in one round the rusalkas began to tighten their ties around each other in preparation for the attack, and when it did not occur, I received a notification that they were pissed off and that they were counting on a counter to the aggressor’s nose.

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Each enemy has several behaviors and the app chooses between them. If it were on the cards it would take a lot longer to handle it, every enemy would have to have decks and the narrative inserts mentioned above would not show up.

Inventory – There are two types of items in the game, those with cards and those without. The second group is mostly raw materials and weapons with which we can improve our weapons. The app monitors how much we found and what we bought for it while in the city. In addition, when we mount a different handle in a sword or a stone in a wand, the app knows it too. Not only that – the latter generate bonuses and states that trigger, for example, in 10% of attacks. This math has also been put into the hands of the app. You as a player just roll the dice and the screen shows what happened, what fired up and how much damage went in.

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As the campaign progresses, we get new skill cards and in the app we check what their pool is and which we can use.

Map construction – exactly what I described above in the section about the board.

Climate – it is created in two places – on the board thanks to the super 3d components and in the speakers thanks to the sound effects from the application. I connected a bluetooth speaker, the music played the entire game, it was not boring or intrusive. During the fight, the sounds of the clash of weapons were heard, when we changed turns, and an occasional lector was fired, which could be had more.

Application problems

It distracts a bit from information – one person has to supervise the application, which makes him seem like a master of ceremonies. Other players who cannot see the screen are somewhat cut off from the information. I played 2 and we both sat at the tablet, so this was not a problem. Ultimately, I want to play in front of the TV, where we just throw the screen content from the tablet and everyone will see everything.

It slows down the game – all attacks must be entered, all states too. The app needs to know what’s going on, so there’s some clicking. I have had situations where the player has already rolled the dice in the heat of the fight, and I was just dragging his character onto the enemy and writing down successes. These seconds of difference matter because they influence the immersion and feeling of the game.


I am impressed with how this game works. Everything tightens, the mechanics work, and the app helps more than disturbs – in 90/10 pennants. I look forward to the next games in Dark Legends Descent ..