DC FanDome has received a new announcement! New clips from The Flash, Black Adam and more!

DC FanDome, the biggest event of this year for fans of DC production, will start in just over a week. We have tons of exciting news, teasers and teasers waiting for us. Today we got a foretaste of what we will get next weekend!

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This year, Marvel will be the dominant one, but that could all change in 2022. Warner Bros. has planned a lot of exciting new products for the next year and beyond. Will Marvel Studios finally have an equal rival? We’ll find out soon enough. Whether DC beats Marvel or not, Warner Bros. it has a really strong schedule. Today we received another announcement of the event that will introduce us to this schedule. In it, among others announced stars of DC FanDome and a handful of new materials from such productions as: Peacemaker, The Flash, The Batman, or Black Adam!

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