Destiny 2 – Earn gold in the Ranger Competition event

The Ranger competition returns to Destiny 2, mobilizing all Rangers to log into their favorite class and rush for glory. In this free event for all players, Hunters, Sorcerers and Titans fight to bring their class to the top of the podium.

Let the Competition begin

Hunters, Sorcerers and Titans will take part in various activities of the event to earn points for themselves and their class in several categories. Rangers returning from the Savathån throne world will warm up in the new Training playlist and launch the Strike Competitive playlist to earn strike medals and battle for the highest score for the week. Both playlists have solo options for those players who want to sweat. Players can also help their class by collecting laurels for much of the PvE content during the event. Players can unlock rewards such as Exotic Machine Gun Rightful Successor with Catalyst, Legendary MP, Exotic Ship and more.

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Gold rewards

Rangers looking to make their outfits more stylish should visit Tess Everis, who will be selling podium-worthy items in Eververse. Guardians who light multiple platinum torches will be able to earn a Guardian Competition Mug and a Guardian Competition Medal, which can be unlocked through Bungie Rewards.

At the end of each week during the awards ceremony, each class will receive gold, silver and bronze auras based on the current results. The winning class will be honored at the closing ceremony of the Guardians’ Competition on May 24, and will be displayed in the Tower throughout the year with a commemorative trophy.

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Ranger Professions Cup and Direct Relief charity event

During the Ranger Competition event, players will cheer on their favorite streamers as they fight for the glory of the Ranger Competition and collect humanitarian donations. Bungie has assembled 42 fireteams from 14 regions around the world to compete in the first ever Guardians’ Competition Cup, a friendly competition to see which team has what it takes to win medals and win first place. For more information about the Rangers’ Cup and live results, visit the blog at this link:

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The donations each team collects during the Guardians’ Competition Cup will be donated to Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a humanitarian organization operating in over 80 countries with a mission to improve the health and living conditions of people suffering from poverty or emergencies – regardless of their political views, religion or ability to pay for costs.

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