Diablo 2 Resurrected – All Rune Words and How to Build Runes – Guide

Another element that I would like to introduce to you about Diablo 2 Resurrected are the so-called runic words. While single runes do not always give us interesting bonuses and statistics, when properly combined they make the worst item suddenly become an incredibly powerful artifact.

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However, before you can form a runic word, you need to know it. For many years, players have collected the following knowledge, thanks to which you are now able to create the character you want without unnecessary waste of time and choose the bonuses that will be most needed for them. However, you must remember that, similarly to the cube of horadrim, which we described recently, also runic words have their own rules. Below are the rules that apply when building words using single runes.

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  • the most important thing is that runic words only work on non-magical objects. This means that rare, unique or even magical items cannot be gifted with runes;
  • arrange the runic words in the order written below. Any deviation from the norm makes it impossible to use words;
  • if you have a nice item but are missing slots, check out the Horadrim Cube Recipe Guide I wrote. There you will find recipes that will allow you to manipulate the number of slots in an item or change one runes to another;
  • the number of slots must match the number of words you want to output. So if a word consists of three runes, the item must have exactly three runes. No less, no more, just three;
  • individual words are linked to the corresponding item. Sometimes they are different items, e.g. most types of weapons, sometimes it is one item, such as a shield, and other times the word may behave differently in different cases of items to which you attach certain phrases;

We will not extend any more, because there is a lot of solid knowledge ahead of us when it comes to runic words.

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