Dice Legacy – Review – Randomness beyond measure!

Dice Legacy is a game that will present the original idea of ​​combining a real-time strategy game and the well-known principle of rolling dice from board games. Is the combination of RTS and dice randomness a good idea?

At the beginning I have to admit one thing – DestinyBit studio, which starts its adventure with creating games, approached the subject in a very original way and I liked the concept very much. I am a huge fan of board games, I have over 80 games in my collection, and even our bigbadecja.pl started with creating reviews and materials about board games. You could say that I cut my teeth on this topic, and board games are still my favorite hobby right after video games today. Is the mechanic called Dice Rolling, which is known for its enormous randomness and little possibility of influencing the gameplay, where we have to adapt to the conditions of the game, and not create them ourselves through planning, work well with the game in real time?

The game looks beautiful, you have to admit it.

Dice Legacy will take us to a mysterious world, where on a disc-shaped board we will build our settlement, obtain resources and fight the invaders. However, instead of ordinary workers, we have dice whose sides show actions that they can perform. A normal worker can build, explore, farm, or dig in a mine. If necessary, he will grab the pitchfork or go to the hut with another bone and make a third die. Bones have their endurance, which they lose with each roll, and we regenerate it by eating in the kitchen. In addition to peasants, there are also other bones, more specialized, such as soldiers and townspeople.

The stupidity is that at the beginning of the game only one scenario is available, and it throws us straight into the deep end. The game thus pushed me away and left me with unpleasant memories.

The very beginning of the fun was good and promised a lot. A simple tutorial, one by one, explained the different aspects of the game. I built buildings, made better bones, learned how to discover technologies and how to prepare for the coming winter. The first invaders also appeared slowly, but most often they required one or two combat dice to be defeated. You have to remember here that in addition to the result of the roll, the dice can also have a multiplier, and so, for example, thanks to technology and a building called military academy, we are able to produce a die, where the attack face will have a multiplier of two or three, which will allow a single die to defeat an enemy that requires such strength.Suddenly all the prompts disappeared, and I was left alone as a finger. Attacks also began to intensify, were more frequent and required more than two attack dice to defend, but four. So in order to survive, I had to start expanding quickly and find the enemy. Once I found him, I thought I would have a stroke. The buildings needed to be destroyed from 4 to 8 attack dice, and the enemy town hall itself I could burn by sacrificing 18 attack dice, when I only had 12 in the pool. This required me to carefully train the remaining dice for warriors and strengthen them in the appropriate buildings. However, this required raw materials, and the attacks increased and became more frequent. For an unknown reason, enemies requiring dice with the number 7 began to appear.

The tutorial is good, but it ends too quickly and the game immediately throws us into the deep end, even before we know all the essential mechanics of the game.

The game quickly became incredibly chaotic and did not allow me to even the smallest planning. As a fan of strategy games, he expects something else – strategy and the ability to react to the enemy’s actions. In Dice Legacy, I did not always have such an opportunity because the throws are different and I often lacked swords to defeat opponents, even when I retrained most of the dice into warriors. In addition, there was a rebellion of other social castes, because I was focused on defending against constant attacks and the game turned from a pleasant rolling into a murderous and chaotic struggle for survival.

The worst part about it, however, was the dissatisfaction. Everything happened quickly and was a coincidence, so I did not feel responsible for small and big victories. After completing the first scenario, I was tired and angry, I had the feeling that I suddenly jumped from the tutorial mission in the classic RTS game to the last mission, where we are heavily attacked by enemies from all sides and our every move has to be thought out. But in these situations, we already know the game mechanics very well and can effectively fight the overwhelming enemy forces by using our cunning and strategy. In Dice Legacy I didn’t have that feeling.

Suddenly, from the simple “build a house to make a cube” we moved to the “cut them to the stump” stage, how did it happen?

The game is poorly thought out and you can see little experience of the developers. The hit is throwing the dice using the space button, where we have the ability to accelerate and slow down time using buttons from one to four. When the game has been paused with a space for decades, the default is to pause one, so a few times instinctively, instead of pausing the game, I rolled the dice (using up their stamina). Fortunately, this one element can be changed in the game settings.The original initial concept totally failed against reality, and so much randomness doesn’t work well with real-time strategy, even with an active pause. Would the game be better if it were turn-based? Or maybe you need a larger pool of dice, because twelve is clearly not enough? Even the dice counter was missing and if we have all of them in the field, and in the meantime we train the thirteenth die, a large window appears blocking the game and we MUST get rid of one of them. In such a situation, an ordinary timer would be useful, when after 30 seconds one random die dies, and we can either shovel it at work stations or make a decision. Unfortunately, Dice Legacy is currently a weak game and does not give you any satisfaction and I must say that I am very sorry for that, because I expected much more. If you need an intense strategy, better play Frostpunk.