Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny game review

Disgaea 6 Defiance of Destiny has finally made its debut in Europe on the Nintendo Switch console. Was it worth waiting for the next installment of this famous series? Will the game only feature old veterans or is the production suitable for the beginning of an adventure with the Disgaea brand? I will try to answer these questions in the review below.

Who is Disgaea 6 for?

The latest part of Disgaea, compared to previous productions, is easier and, above all, can be played by people who do not like farming and do not want to spend 50-60 hours on completing the game. Disgaea 6 can be completed in approximately 20 hours. You don’t have to farm like in the previous parts, and even if we have to tweak the parameters of our heroes a bit, it is much simplified. An automatic combat mode has been added, which allows you to pass the board without our participation, and at the same time we farm and level up.

We can turn this option on or off at any time, of course, if someone prefers to go through everything on their own, they don’t have to use it. This function makes you a little lazy and allows you to go through the chapters really quickly.

We can “program” the automatic battle mode according to our own guidelines. This allows you to set e.g. priorities for a given character (e.g. healing or attacking treasure chests).

Disgaea 6: Defiance Of Destiny

As in the previous parts, you will also find the Cheat Shop, which allows you to activate various facilities during the game, e.g. increasing the amount of experience that falls into combat. If you are looking for a challenge, you can also raise the level of your opponents and change many other aspects of the game.

Disgaea 6 – ultra-reincarnation and story

A novelty in Disgaea 6 is the possibility of ultra-reincarnation, which allows you to restore your character to level 1. Such revival, of course, if we have collected the right amount of mana and karma, allows you to reborn the hero in a much better and more powerful version. This gives you access to new attacks, bonuses and better parameters. This function is also related to the plot of the game.

Disgaea 6: Defiance Of Destiny review

The plot, as in the previous parts of Disgaea 6, is not overwhelming. For me, this is an addition to the addictive game mechanics. Nevertheless, it does not lack, as usual, a huge dose of humor, many absurd situations and events. As in the previous games from the Disgaea series, the production is divided into episodes, and after completing each of them, we get a funny summary of the events.

In Disgaei 6 we play the role of a zombie named Zed, who wants to avenge his sister Beeko and kill the God of Destruction. This fight is doomed to failure, which is why Zed travels from world to world, gaining new allies and dying more times.The story is divided into two acts, each of them into smaller episodes.

Depending on how we play, the game can be completed in about 20 hours, which is a poor result compared to previous games in the series. At the same time, for many people it can be an advantage, in earlier versions, sometimes you had to prepare and farm a lot to pass the next level. Disgaea 6 allows you to go through the calmness of the game and push forward.


Disgaei 6 does not bring much new to tactical gameplay. The fight takes place in a turn-based system, first we make moves with our characters, and then the opponent. Thanks to well-thought-out locations, different blows and classes, each board is different and requires us to combine. There will be levels with narrow corridors, transferring heroes to other platforms, teleports, lasers hitting given blocks (from which you have to escape at the end of the turn). A lot is changed by special color-coded fields. Some of them are of great importance during combat, for example, they increase the attack power of the hero who stands on it. In addition, opponents and worlds have their own parameters and properties. You have to consider whether it is worth attacking someone, e.g. with fire, when he is resistant to this element.

Disgaea 6 allows you to peek at the battlefield from different angles

Disgaea 6 is not only about fighting and campaigning

In Disgaea 6, the storyline and related missions are only part of the game’s content. The production, like the previous editions, offers much more gameplay methods.

For example, playing Item World will be useful for leveling up and acquiring better equipment. Actually, it is an endless game that directs us to the next more difficult boards. Farmić can also be sent by sending heroes on automatic expeditions (research), from which we get reports.

There are also numerous simple quests for which we receive rewards. These are usually simple tasks, such as kill 10 zombies, deliver an item, etc.

It also takes a lot of time to set up special skills of heroes and choose the right equipment. The maximum character level has increased from 9999 to the absurd number 99,999,999. If we want to reach this level, we will have a lot of fun.

There was also a Dark Assembly where you can try to vote for various issues regarding the game world for the accumulated mana. Of course, you can bribe senators, and if the vote does not pass, there is a possibility of starting a fight.

Each special hit is presented as an animation.

In addition, the game world hides several smaller and larger extras, such as a hospital, a shop with DLC and paid add-ons to the game, the ability to build various team compositions, etc.

The game looks nice in 3D

Disgaea 6 is the first licensed game in the series to be in 3D, yet it feels like it’s all been there before.3D is nice to look at, but personally, I liked the look of the earlier part of the game much better. Attack animations are very effective, but after a while they get bored (because they are always the same), and there are plenty of special attacks here.

On the one hand, 3D presents dynamic combat, but at the same time the gameplay suffers from performance issues. The loading time of the game is also longer compared to the 5th part of the game.

The game world offers a lot

The creators of the game had to be aware of the drops in animation, so in the settings they allowed to choose the graphic settings on which we want to play. It depends on us whether we want to enjoy the best quality or performance and smoother gameplay.

As usual, on some maps it is hard to see and you cannot see all the elements (they are obscured by others). As a result, you have to aim blindly with the movement of the character or combine it with the work of cameras. However, this is not a big disadvantage and you get used to it.

The sounds remain enjoyable, and even after hours of gameplay, we still appreciate this element of production.

Each episode consists of several missions.

Is Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny worth playing?

Disgaea 6 takes a small step forward and introduces many smaller and larger novelties that should appeal to fans of the brand.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is still a very addictive tactical RPG that can take hundreds of hours to play. Numerous activities, additional scenarios and satisfying leveling are addictive.

The series is more and more open to novice players, it does not tire of constant farming, and the production can be completed fairly quickly, if we want, thanks to the facilities offered in the newest part of the game.

Despite minor flaws, it is worth playing Disgaea 6 ..