DON’T go back to the game! The technical condition is a disaster! – New World # 02

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Don’t be an elf, dej suba!

The new update to New World broke something (what a shock) and keeps kicking us out of the game. Dlatergo we are also taking another few months’ break to Ne World. We respect each other

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Discover an exciting MMO game with an open world full of dangers and possibilities, in which as a shipwrecked and adventurer you forge your fate as you travel across the fantastic island of Aeternum. Countless opportunities await you to fight, gather and forge your own items in the wilds and ruins of the island. Control superhuman forces or lethal weapons in a classless real-time combat system, engage in solo or small-team duels, or assemble formidable armies for PvE and PvP battles – the choice is yours.

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