Dreamworks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure review

If I had to devote an adequate amount of effort to writing a review of Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure, which the creators did to create it, I would limit myself to a short, albeit meaningful XD. The game, released on the occasion of the premiere of Mustang from the Wild Valley: Road to Freedom, is a dramatically poor production, even for the very low standards of games created on the basis of movie licenses. So if you don’t have much time, feel free to finish reading this review, but if you are not yet convinced about the low level of Dreamworks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure, only its continuation can save you from wasting your money. And this is regardless of its height.

Dreamworks Spirit Luckys Big Adventure

The bad storyline is undoubtedly the strongest element of the horse adventure. We play the role of a girl named Lucky, who on the back of a Mustang – Ghost, together with two friends is trying to discover the treasure to which a mysterious map leads. It previously belonged to the protagonist’s deceased mother, so the story also has an emotional burden. But to make it not easy, the horse hunter Hendricks, who also has a taste for treasure, stands in our way. All in all, it doesn’t sound too bad, but the story is far from interesting, and the form of the serving eggs itself, especially considering that it is a game for children, couldn’t have been more unattractive.

Dreamworks Spirit Luckys Big Adventure

I have been playing many smaller and niche titles recently, which makes it easier for me to appreciate every smallest positive element. Unfortunately, in the case of the reviewed game, it is difficult for me to find at least one thing where I could note a slight plus. The plot is pretext, and the gameplay is banal and painfully repetitive. Someone will say that this is a game for children, indeed, for girls, so … Well, it was my daughter that inspired me to undertake the review of Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure and after 15 minutes she left me on the battlefield, throwing – “Dad, but this game she is ugly and boring ”. However, her reluctance to this title is completely justified, it is difficult to expect the approval of the 6-year-old when launching a game with sixth generation graphics in 2021, in which dialogues have to be read (of course there is no Polish), and gemeplay is based on 95% on horseback riding from A to B around the nuden town of Miradero and its empty surroundings. And as if that were not enough, the driving mechanics themselves are so dramatic that even the first 15 minutes of the game we can’t enjoy the monotonous gameplay.Dreamworks Spirit Luckys Big Adventure

I could write a little more about technical errors, bugs, drops in liquidity, unnecessarily prolonging the game, idiotic mechanics, hopeless camera work, repeat a few more times that the graphics suck so much that we can hardly stop ourselves from gouging out our eyes, but there is no point in kicking a lying one .

Dreamworks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure is the essence of a poor game. It’s not even worth it for free, unless you want easy achievements or trophies. To complete the game in 100%, you only need to complete one pass without completing any side missions.