EA Play Live won’t show new Dragon Age or Mass Effect

On July 22, a 40-minute presentation of EA Play Live will take place, where the publisher’s studio wards will show what they have and how with new projects and the development of old projects. But alas, BioWare will not be taking part in this celebration of life. This means that the public will not see any new footage of the upcoming Dragon Age, or any news about the next Mass Effect series.

The fact that both projects are in development is no longer a secret. Both DA and ME managed to get a teaser; Finally, on Twitter yesterday, BioWare confirmed that they are working hard on both games, but they can’t show anything new yet.

Thus, EA Play Live will be dominated by Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends and Lost in Random. Rumors are also circulating on the network that EA may announce the revival of the Dead Space series ..