eFootball 2022 – Konami apologizes and announces game fixes

The premiere of eFootball 2022 turned out to be a great failure for Konami, and in the gaming world it is the loudest false start since Cyberpunk 2077. The Japanese producer decided to apologize to players for the state of the game and promised updates to improve the gameplay.

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The free eFootball 2022 soccer simulator, the former PES, hit the hands of players on September 30 and it turned out that they received a non-playable product, containing numerous bugs and bugs as well as terrible graphics. FIFA 22’s competitor from EA Sports is currently the lowest-rated production in Steam’s history, and the internet is dominated by memes and videos showing all the game’s shortcomings. Konami released a statement yesterday with an apology and a promise of updates to improve the game.

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After eFootball 2022 was released, we received a lot of feedback and requests related to the balance of the game, most of all passing speed and defensive actions. Players also report problems with cutscenes, players’ facial expressions, their movements and ball physics. We sincerely apologize for these problems and ensure that we take every consideration seriously. We will do everything to make the situation change for the better.

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Later in the announcement, the game producer ensures that work on repairing the game will start immediately, and the first major update will be prepared in October.