Eldest Souls review – a pixelated festival of death

Every time I finish a soulslike, I promise myself not to touch the genre for the next few months. I will not hide the fact that I approach demanding games with great ambition, and in the event of major problems I wait in front of the monitor until it is done. The boss must fall and that’s it, otherwise my soul will not be at peace. There is a lot of frustration and frustration with this attitude when playing, but in the end I reach for the next soulslike faster than common sense dictates. This time it was Eldest Souls, the production of Fallen Flag Studio.

There is no time for stupidity

As I mentioned before, Eldest Souls is a representative of the soulslike genre, specifically boss rush. In practice, this means that during the adventure we will not encounter minor opponents and challenges, but only meat in the form of bosses. I don’t want to reveal any specific numbers, but I must admit that I was expecting a bit more clashes. The time needed to complete the title will vary depending on our skills, but Eldest Souls is a game that should be dealt with in a few hours. For those who want to tire with this title a little longer, there is a new game + mode, which implements a few additional difficulties.

Ooh, the world is ending! Again…

In Eldest Souls we play the role of a lone warrior, armed with a huge obsidian sword, who is the last hope of humanity in a conflict with ancient deities. Walking through the empty corridors of the Citadel, we will face strange creatures whose powers and abilities will often surprise us. I must admit that the story of Eldest Souls has been treated very superficially and is only a poor excuse for our actions. Oh, a classic cliché about saving the world from ultimate evil. The creators tried to squeeze a bit of additional story content into the game by adding collectibles and a few characters that will have something to tell, but this is definitely not enough to create an interesting story.

The most important thing has been taken care of

The driving force and the most important element of Eldest Souls is, of course, combat. The system was made reliably, with the most important aspects of the genre preserved and polished. The main flavor is the mechanic of recovering health during the attack. After dealing a strong blow, which takes time to recharge, our character will be able to drain the opponent’s life for a short while. I have to admit that it’s quite original mechanics, thanks to which soulslike gameplay is a bit different. First of all, the boss fights seem to be longer and provide even more adrenaline. At the moment when our life bar is practically empty, we do not worry that the next blow will put us on the boards, but we are trying to bounce off the bottom.Each of the rivals is distinguished not only by their original appearance, but also by their abilities. Therefore, before we know the strengths and weaknesses of our rivals, we will be forced to die with a smile on our face several times. However, I consider the level of difficulty to be fair and properly balanced, and to win we will need a bit of patience according to the principle – training makes perfect. Additional strength can be found in the skill tree, which is divided into three main and several minor branches. As you can easily guess, thanks to it, we can unlock new abilities that are helpful in further battles. Especially that in a large part of the game we have the option to choose the boss we want to face. If one creature is too tough for us, we can defeat another beast and, upgraded, fight again. We can change skills freely and without consequences, which is useful when choosing tactics for a specific opponent.

Is Eldest Souls worth playing?

Another aspect that encourages you to test your skills in Eldest Souls is the visual setting. The whole thing is kept in a dark and atmospheric pixel-art of the highest quality. The world prepared by the creators is not too big, but thanks to these interesting projects, I wanted to look into every corner. To sum up – Eldest Souls can be called compact souls. The game reliably duplicates proven patterns, but adds a dose of its own identity. It seems to me that the creators from Fallen Flag Studio achieved their goals and provided players with a demanding, engaging, but fair product for them ..