Epic Games reveals free games for December 2021

Epic Games has unveiled games that will be available for free next week, including one that will already be known to those interested in PlayStation Plus.

Epic Games Store offers new free games every week, so it’s worth checking there sometimes, maybe we’ll find something we wanted to buy.

Dead By Daylight

December 2-9

Dead by Daylight is a well-known asymmetric horror movie created and published by Behavior Interactive. It premiered in 2016 for PC and in 2017 for XONE and PS4 consoles, 2019 for Switch, 2020 for iOS, Stadia, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. As this is asymmetric PvP, one person is driving the killer and four of the victims trying to escape. Many additions have been released to the game with new killers and survivors from famous movies and series.

Dead by Daylight is a wellknown asymmetric

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while True: learn ()

December 2-9

while True: learn () is a simulator of a machine learning specialist who uses visual programming to support himself and his cat. It was produced by Luden.IO and released by Nival. The game was created to explain to newcomers how machine learning works.

Godfall: Challenger Edition

December 9-16

Godfall premiered on November 12, 2020 for PC and PS5 and on August 10, 2021 for PS4. Produced by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. Challenger Edition does not include a campaign. The game is set in a high-fantasy setting divided into the dimensions of Earth, Water and Air, where we play the role of one of the knights in order to prevent the apocalypse. There is a review of the game and a series on Youtube on our website. Also available on December’s PS Plus.

Godfall premiered on November for PC and PS and on August for PS

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Prison Architect

December 9-16

Prison Architect is a prison construction simulator published in 2015 by Paradox Interactive. Despite the passage of time, the game continues to receive updates and DLC. In the game, we build our prisons and determine how they work, and most of all we try to keep the prisoners inside. There is also an escape mode where we take on the role of a prisoner and try to escape from our prison, and online from other players’ prisons.

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