Evil Genius 2 Review: World Domination. Bad geniuses are among us

Almost seventeen years ago, the production of Elixir studio – Evil Genius was released on the market. An innovative strategy in which we were building the base for an evil genius. The parody of spy thrillers from years ago was quite a successful undertaking, and although Elixir studio collapsed a few years after its premiere, Rebellion took over the rights to the brand.

Unfortunately, there was probably no bigger plan at the beginning of what to do with it. First there was a browser version on Facebook, then Evil Genius Online for mobile devices. Both are not worth much attention. Fortunately, Rebellion has “caught up” and prepared a full-fledged game that is equal to its predecessor. Meet Evil Genius 2: World Domination – one of the funniest games of the year.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination allows us to play the role of one of the four evil geniuses. You can choose, for example, the crazy, bald and short Austrian megalomaniac Maximilian, known from the first part. Another male character is Red Ivan, who in the previous installment was a bodyguard for geniuses, and now wants to take over the world himself. There are also Emma and Zalika to choose from. Emma was a spy who saved the world before, but eventually turned to the wrong side, and Zalika is a scientist, a dark technocrat.

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Once we decide on a given character, we can still choose an island to locate our secret base. There are only three locations, but there are actually differences between them, which can be seen, however, after several hours of fun, when we understand the mechanics of the game, and our bases become much more complex. So with Evil Genius 2 you can talk about replayability, but you can’t shake the impression that Rebellion should prepare much more for players. Of course, there is also a sandbox mode, but the campaign is the most important here. It is worth adding that in the sandbox mode we have an unlimited amount of cash. It sounds cool and there is such an option in similar titles, right? It even fits the concept of the game as a whole, more than in other city building games, bases, or gameplay parks. The problem is that this option cannot be turned off.

Once we decide on a given character we can still

How did evil geniuses even get along so well? It’s a paradox that when in reality the world is still on the brink of warfare in various parts of it, in Evil Genius 2… peace is fine. The world is ruled by five alliances that are reluctant to destroy a working system. Strange, isn’t it?

The goal of the campaign is to subdue the entire world, and will culminate in the destruction of the bases of each of the five alliances. However, before that happens, we have about 20 hours of gameplay, although by dealing with side missions, we can practically double this time.Evil Genius 2: World Domination therefore allows you to create several types of rooms that are used for several specific purposes. The first is related to the construction of rooms for minions, i.e. bedrooms, canteens, places for regeneration. A maximum of 300 people can be in the base, so there is a lot to build. You cannot treat your subordinates badly and not give them space to rest, because if the morale of the minions drops to zero, they may rebel. The second goal is to develop minions for specific specializations. Thanks to that, after training in special rooms, they can become technicians, scientists, thugs in various forms, or propagandists. I will explain their meaning a little later. The next rooms are those without which our base could not make sense – so we will find a prison that will be used to extract information from agents or convert them to our website. The basis of every secret base on the island must also be a treasury, which is closely guarded by thugs. In addition, there is also an operating room so that we can conduct our operations around the world.

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Global operations are the basis for the development of campaign progress, but also for the accumulation of cash. The world in Evil Genius 2 has been divided into several regions, and in each of them we can set up our own criminal network. Markers are scattered across the regions that symbolize a given action – e.g. the possibility of taking over the cash register, obtaining fuel for the so-called M.I.D.A.S project (turning everything into gold), or performing some secret operation as part of a side mission. The color of the marker indicates what type of servant will be needed for successful completion. This is the way to complete the next missions most often, so we will spend a lot of time on the world map (screen below).

Global operations are the basis for the development of

In a given region, we can perform one operation at a time, but it cannot be denied that in a few moments we will need a lot of minions, especially when we want to get through the campaign as quickly as possible. Lest it be too easy, each network is discovered over time and there is a lockdown for a while. Moreover, when we try to implement our evil plan, agents deployed in different regions try to prevent us from doing so. They often creep into our base densely and start sniffing around. This is where traps that can be set in corridors and trained minions come into play. The former are of course an interesting solution, but from the course of the game I notice that it is much more profitable to have more brawlers – the traps are simply ineffective.

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When we expose an agent, we can kill or imprison him. In any case, however, there will be a confrontation, and minions trained to be brawlers, guards, etc. will fight. There is also a less bloody method.It is in the casino that we need propagandists, small-talk and entertainment experts. Minions can also become scientists and this type is responsible for the improvements that we need to solve more effectively or to push the plot forward. The upgrade tree is quite large and we are unlikely to unlock everything throughout the game. There is also a place in the base for bodyguards of evil geniuses. The choice is important because there are not too many of them and once chosen one of the four bodyguards available at the beginning will be the only one for many hours.

Evil Genius 2 can get a bit of a drag in the middle of the game. I’m not talking about boredom right away, but some missions are longer than they could be. This is because, to unlock progress, you need, for example, to get several parts from different regions of the world. If you don’t have a certain region unlocked, in theory nothing happens, you should just expand the given rooms and buy equipment to increase the broadcasting power and develop the criminal network.

Evil Genius can get a bit of a drag

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The problem, however, is when, for example, you do not have money and you usually just have to postpone the preparation for the mission. Sometimes a lockdown in a given network can also torpedo our missions for a while, and sometimes you need to complete side missions to complete a main mission … nothing wrong, but you can only complete one side mission at a time. It is the too long and complex main missions that can be repulsive after a while, and the scriptwriters did not lack fantasy in the main and side plots.

However, when we are not allergic to this type of solutions, Evil Genius 2 masterfully fulfills its task as a base-builder. The game of Rebellion is characterized by ingenuity, humor and, above all, offers a lot of challenge. On the one hand, we must take care of sucking the money from all over the world, preparing the final weapon of destruction, and on the other hand, we must defend our base against more and more dangerous superagents, so that they do not cause us unnecessary fires or choke our genius.

The bright spot of Evil Genius 2 is, of course, the audiovisual setting – its great graphic style fits perfectly with humor and funny animations. They deserve special attention, because it is in motion that Evil Genius 2 looks best. And when we add an audio layer to it, we have the perfect combination, giving us a satirical game, a parody of spy movies – such as the James Bond series. Below is the main theme of the game.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination is a great proposition for those who are bored of saving the world and want to unleash a turmoil. This is a very well-prepared strategy, base-builder addictive from the beginning. You can have a good laugh and have a good time.

Evil Genius World Domination is a great proposition for those