Fantastyka2021 starts on September 18!

Fantastyka2021 is the second edition of the event for which Zagłębie Media Center in Sosnowiec is responsible. Throughout the next week, the authors of the project will be serving various attractions.

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You will be able to see how the inhabitants of the north lived during the Viking expeditions, listen to what Wojciech Orliński has to say about the life and work of Stanisław Lem, hear what women associated with fantasy think about women in fantasy, see the Ocean exhibition inspired by the work of Stanisław Lem, through art transfer to a spaceship hovering over a mysterious planet with George Clooney on board. But that’s not all – for those who prefer a more active participation in culture, a few hours with board game enthusiasts and a demonstration RPG session are planned.

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The icing on the cake will be a special photo session with the use of a green screen, thanks to which everyone will be able to move into their beloved worlds taken out of the pages of fantastic stories of Polish and foreign artists.

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The program can be found on the event’s Facebook page. It should be mentioned that all attractions will be available for free, and the number of seats for specific segments is limited. So let’s hurry up with your tickets, which are available at the Mediateka Zagłębie Informatorium.

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