Far Cry 6 add-on review – Vaas: Insanity. There is method in this madness

Vaas Montenegro is without a doubt one of the most iconic villains in the history of video games, whose definition of madness as a mantra is repeated by players from around the world. No wonder that when, at the time of the first announcements of Far Cry 6, information about the alleged participation in the upcoming installment of Michael Mando, who plays the role of a crazy pirate, appeared on the web, fan imaginations began to feed them with visions of the return of the beloved “evil”. In the end, the rumors turned out to be true and Vaas Montenegro appears in Far Cry 6, albeit in a rather unusual way – as the main character of the roguelike expansion Vaas: Insanity.

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Yara doesn’t eat me

The add-on abandons the established formula of the series, so you can forget about circling the car around the big map in search of the next outpost to take over. I admit that with open arms I welcomed the island modeled on the Rook Islands, which makes up for its modest size with diversity and often unusual views, because during the game we can see such wonders as a ship abandoned inside an active volcano, an ancient temple hidden in the heart of the mountain, or a sailing boat on the island. sky sharks. So it is quite, I would say, unusual, which, contrary to appearances, makes sense.

Lord, don’t scare me, okay?

You see, Vaas: Insanity is a direct continuation of one of Far Cry 3’s threads, throwing us right inside the mind of a dying Vaas. As he himself, we have to find a way to escape the pre-death nightmare, which will enable us to collect three shards of the dragon’s blade and bring it also Citra, returning in this story, which at the same time serves as a quite antagonistic ally towards us. Anyone who has graduated from Far Cry 3 knows that Vaas and Citra share a rather unusual relationship, which the creators decided to explore here, thus making Vaas: Insanity a story of a kind of reconciliation with your own past. This is surprisingly good, although it would be appropriate to know the plot of the original here to understand it at all.

You see Vaas Insanity is a direct continuation of one

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The definition of madness

However, if you do not know it, and you are not going to play Far Cry 3 – nothing is lost! Vaas: Insanity, despite having a fairly clear storyline, focuses primarily on the gameplay, and this one is really delicious here. I realize that a lot of players – including me – sigh with disgust at the sound of the word “roguelike”, because in the last years of production of this genre there has been a tremor. In Vaas: Insanity, however, I had a great time, which is, in a way, thanks to the aforementioned small map, thanks to which repeating the next cycles is not as painful here as it was in the Escape from Durgesh Prison for Far Cry 4 expansion, where preparations for the finals could take quite a few hours at first.So we don’t have much chance against the mini-bosses guarding the dagger fragments. It is therefore necessary to complete all the arena challenges available on the map and collect some money that drops from the bodies of opponents, which we will later be able to spend on weapons and additions to it (the purchased weapon does not reset after death), as well as upgrades of Vaas himself, increasing our skills in combat , unlocking new slots for guns, or increasing the limit of cash retained after a respawn. Of course, there is much more of it and unlocking everything will require horrendous sums of money, which we will also need to buy new places for the hearts of opponents that offer us special abilities, which can be found randomly by their corpses or in chests scattered around the map.

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Fortunately, we don’t need to unlock all weapons and character upgrades to complete the expansion, although it will definitely make our job easier, because it can get hot when trying to recover more shards. However, we will definitely need them when we decide to fight on one of the higher difficulty levels, which will gradually increase the combat abilities of our opponents, equipping them with special powers, and taking the minimap away from us. Our effort, however, will be rewarded with more cash, which will translate into the pace of our development, thus leveling our chances and encouraging us to continue testing our skills.

Fortunately we dont need to unlock all weapons and character upgrades to

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It will rest after death! Oh, wait …

Is it worth buying Far Cry 6 – Vaas: Insanity?

The only regret is that Vaas: Insanity was not equipped with any cooperation mode, although it is a surprisingly successful addition, with which I had much more fun than with Far Cry 6. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it allows the system implemented in the game battles to finally reach their full potential, unfortunately throwing the entire stealthy aspect of the series out the window, which will certainly disappoint some of the audience. It should be remembered, however, that Vaas: Insanity is an expansion that focuses primarily on fast-paced action and cheerful brawl, and in this it works really well ..

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