Far Cry 6 – new trailer. Cancer Drug Manufacturing War!

Far Cry 6 receives new announcements regularly. A new trailer has recently been presented. And in it the secret of the Paradise Yara.

Pop culture often looks to the future. It presents inventions and creations that have not yet been created, and would certainly help a person. This is also done by the latest Ubisoft game, which will be released in over a month. The latest trailer for the sequel to the Far Cry series shows the wealth of Yara and its leader Anton Castillo.

It bases its rule on the production of a cancer drug from tobacco. He is to be the force that will make the island under his rule a paradise again. Unfortunately, the initiative is the most commendable, it is in the process of creating the medicine that workers treated as slaves, namely oppositionists, take part.

Other citizens who are not quite decisive also have a hard time, because Anton thinks that they do not understand the needs of their country. We can also conclude from the latest promotional material that Far Cry 6, following the example of some of its predecessors, will not present us with a uniquely black and white world. Production will show us that the revolution always has its victims.

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Far Cry 6 will be located on an island reminiscent of Cuba. The player will play the role of a revolution leader who is just taking his first steps. The protagonist will be helped by other heroes, including Amigos, i.e. friendly animals. These will be NPCs similar to the Fangs for hire from the previous game. The role of the main antagonist was played by Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian, Breaking Bad). The game premieres on October 7.

Source: YouTube / Introduction illustration: photo by Ubisoft.