Far Cry 6: Pagan – Control expansion pack review. The king is dead

I admit that although I really liked Vaas – Insanity, I was not very eager to once again go to action in Pagan – Control, the second of the three announced extensions to Far Cry 6. I was afraid that the creators would approach the topic neglectfully and simply in the world, they will serve us the same, only in a skin referring to the fourth installment of the series. After all, who and who, but Ubisoft is known for following the beaten patterns and reluctance to innovate when it is not absolutely needed.

F is for Family

And guess what? I was right, because Pagan – Control is exactly the same as Vaas – Insanity. So once again we find ourselves in the mind of a dying tyrant to face his demons in a roguelike formula. This time we step into the shoes of Pagan Min – the eccentric dictator of Kyrat, whose posthumous goal was to collect three fragments of a golden mask to help him hide all his atrocities from his would-be family. The plot, though intriguing at first glance, is unfortunately quite a step backwards from the story of Vaas. The story of Pagan trying to regain his lost family seems to be clawless and simply bland. While it’s nice to be able to get to know his relationship with Ajay’s mother and take a look behind the scenes of the Kyrat propaganda machine, it doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t feel involved in the plot of the expansion even for a moment.

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The plot is told through the visualization of Pagan’s memories.

Croissant for beginners

Fortunately, the gameplay doesn’t differ much from what we’ve seen so far and is still pretty high. Pagan – Control is again a classic croissant, although slightly lighter on the stomach. This means more or less that although we start the adventure anew after each death, the next time we approach we will still be able to use the unlocked skills and the purchased weapons, although we will still be forced to say goodbye to some of the cash and hearts that give additional bonuses. However, it was hard for me not to get the impression that Pagan – Control is definitely easier than Vaas – Insanity, because I didn’t even come close to defeat for a moment.

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I would like to believe that this is due to my superhuman abilities, but it seems to me that it is simply a matter of reducing the difficulty of the add-on through ill-considered task design and definitely stronger bonuses given by the aforementioned hearts.In turn, a heart that immunized me against all types of takedowns enabled me to be constantly right next to my enemies, which resulted in all boss encounters being flooded with machete attacks without fear that in the moment of a flash of intelligence, they would be able to push me away and knock me over, and then smash me to dust with a hail of bullets.

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Since Far Cry 4, this selfie is a must.

And I will not say, despite everything I had a lot of fun because I actually felt that I had full control of the battlefield. The only problem is that in the long run this makes Pagan – Control a rather low-involvement and sometimes slightly boring experience, although it should be remembered that each completion unlocks a higher level of difficulty. It’s worth being tempted, because even though the lowest of them is sometimes too easy, dealing with enemies in crazy locations is still fun as hell. Especially that Pagan – Control can, from time to time, serve up a reasonable challenge, such as during the demanding restoration missions of the main character’s monuments, during which we are not only constantly flooded with a hail of bullets, but also we cannot go too far from this monument.

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Like a croissant, and a donut

The map design has also been slightly changed. While in Vaas – Insanity our command center was its central point, from which the three paths leading to the main missions departed, in Pagan – Control there was one route leading around the land with our base located in one of its corners. In return, we got a few additional hiding places that allowed us to spend the accumulated cash on weapons and skills without having to constantly return to the original location. It works really well, eliminating the sense of repetition resulting from constantly traversing the same paths, and by the way, the map itself seems to be a bit larger than the Rook Islands.

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Yes, I am standing on the water.

Is Far Cry 6: Pagan – Control worth buying?

In Far Cry 6: Pagan – Control I ended up having a really good time and feeling absolutely satisfied with what I got. However, it cannot be denied that this expansion is a small, but still a clear step backwards from Vaas – Insanity, which provided, above all, a better balanced difficulty level and a more interesting story. However, this does not change the fact that Pagan – Control should provide you with about three hours of joyful pomp with a chance to extend the time of the game several times, as long as you get involved enough to complete the campaign on each of the available difficulty levels.

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