Far Cry 6 review. Endless revolution

Far Cry needs a change. It is hard not to notice that since 2012, Ubisoft has been serving us almost the same game again and again, but with a new setting and a few mechanics to refresh the fossilized formula. The first announcements of Far Cry 6 suggested that it was the sixth installment that would finally change something in this matter. The lush imaginations of players at the sight of the distracting enemies of the invalids dachshunds and fancy weapons like “Macarena”, the murderous vinyl launcher worked extremely quickly, creating an amazing vision of production much closer to Just Cause than to the classic installments of the series. Meanwhile, Far Cry 6 is just another Far Cry …

Unchanged for years

You might even think that Ubisoft stopped in development somewhere around Far Cry 3, because it’s really the exact same game. I hate myself for using this comparison because it has been in every review of every installment since 2012, but the truth is, if you’ve played even one Far Cry since then, you’ve played them all. So once again we find ourselves in some God-forgotten place, ruled by a psychopathic, yet charismatic tyrant who exploits and terrorizes the local population, from which a group of rebels boldly opposing tyranny grows up. With our help, of course. We will liberate the outposts again, laboriously making our way to the next high-ranking helpers of the evil tyrant, to get him in the final as well.

I am not going to liberate the post, but destroying the anti-aircraft battery is very similar.

But does that make Far Cry 6 a bad game? Well, no, because when you enter this river for the first time, you will have a great time. Probably no other series will make you feel like a partisan fighting for the lives of your countrymen, which is what Far Cry is, and this statement is still true for the six. I dare say, even more than ever before. Far Cry 6 takes us to Yara, a fictional South American country modeled on Cuba, which is a true paradise for aspiring guerrillas mainly due to the remnants of a failed revolution fifty years ago. The entire island is cut by hidden paths used by its members, and numerous forests and hills are not only great hiding places, but also great places for ambushes.

But does that make Far Cry a bad game

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Yo soy guerrillero

I spent the lion’s share of the game sitting somewhere on a wooded hill and spreading panic in the enemy ranks with my unhappy silenced sniper rifle.In combat, we can use not only long-range weapons, but also all kinds of assault rifles, submachine guns, rocket launchers, and even, among others, this installment of the series was advertised, extremely creative self-made items such as the aforementioned vinyl disc thrower, firecracker launcher or other such inventions. You cannot forget about the homing rocket launcher hidden in our backpack, which I fell in love with quite quickly despite my initial skepticism. It is a devilishly useful and lethal weapon, which, fortunately, we cannot abuse due to the limiting cooldown.

My home, my battlefield.

Everyone will find something for themselves, thus creating their own unique way of dealing with Yaransk soldados, although you have to bear in mind that Far Cry 6 quite clearly promotes eliminating enemies silently. Local soldiers are not brainless drones and they can make us run away quite quickly, especially when better armored and wielding rocket launchers or flamethrowers appear on the battlefield. The alarmed enemies will not delay too long with summoning reinforcements, who will be happy to support their compadres with HMG-equipped off-road vehicles, tanks, and even helicopters and combat planes. This makes the fight extremely dynamic here, sometimes reminiscent of a guerrilla war. We have to keep moving all the time, because the opponents will be happy to send grenades at us, and some of them will also try to flank our position. However, it also makes deciding to open attack significantly more difficult and lengthens the next clashes, which effectively discouraged me from a more crazy game.

Everyone will find something for themselves thus creating their

A dictatorial lesson

However, however we decide to run our guerrilla activities, the goal will always be the same – to liberate Yara from the rule of despotic Anton Castillo, forcing the poor people of the country to produce Viviro tobacco, which is supposed to have fantastic healing properties. And unfortunately, the cruel dictator character is in my opinion the weakest creation of the main evil in the series, representing a rather classic vision of this type of character. This is not crazy Vaas, eccentric Pagan Min, or even haunted Joseph Seed, but rather an ordinary Latin tyrant that you can easily imagine – a uniform, a cigar, self-superiority and complete indifference to human harm. In fact, it’s hard to really hate him because we only face him three times.It’s a shame, because it could have been one of the most interesting stories in the series, and in effect it is quite the opposite and the story of Far Cry 6 turns out to be quite shallow. This is a very simple story about the fight against the regime, in which, unfortunately, there is no other bottom, so you won’t be wondering for a moment if what you are doing is right. Although the creators from time to time tried to bring up the topic of never-to-be-collapsed guerrillas and revolutions that eat their own children, they did so timidly enough to sneeze to lose the whole story.

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Children of the revolution

Fortunately, the remaining threads look much better, such as the rather interesting combination of kids from the La Moral gang who are just starting their fight against oppression, with the much more restrained veterans of the 1967 revolution. In turn, a rap duo will shed some light on the situation of transsexual people on Yara. Of course, there could not be missing more classic partisans or the figure of a revolutionary mentor, reminiscent of the combination of Sully from Uncharted and the drunken uncle Staszek. However, I am very happy that Ubisoft has once again decided to give us a flesh-and-blood hero, giving up the faceless avatar that was served in Far Cry 5. However, the option to choose the gender of the player’s character has been left, but there is no it has no effect on the plot and character development. In both versions, Dani Rojas remains just as charismatic, entertaining with her somewhat cheeky, but nevertheless empathetic disposition. It is a pity that her (I played a woman) motivation based on avenging murdered friends was so poorly written and hastily pressed into the first few minutes of the game, so we are not able to fully identify with her, because we simply didn’t know these people in the world.

Fortunately the remaining threads look much better

The situation is already bleak and it will get worse.

¡Larga vida a la revolución!

The fact that Far Cry needs changes is clearly demonstrated by the structure of the campaign itself. Unfortunately, the developers were not able to use the huge plot potential and the impressive number of various mechanics to create a set of interesting scenarios that would go beyond the “drive-kill / destroy-escape” scheme. I used to joke quite often that this is a series of games about capturing outposts, but while playing Far Cry 6 I had the impression that practically every subsequent action was limited to taking over a military outpost or base, which, combined with the bonuses by the creators of silent elimination of enemies and the lack of any the greater motivation that was driving me toward my goal made me yawn quite often.Of course, there were also standard plugs such as triggering checkpoints and outposts, blowing up anti-aircraft guns and convoys, or races, but apart from them, we also get a lot of great story tasks. During the game, we will often be contacted by secondary heroes who will ask us for help in a specific problem, opening an additional thread with a beginning, development and end for us. For example, we help one of the legends of the ’67 revolution to correct the mistakes of the past, and we also happen to burn the evidence of the connection of a certain media drag queen with a guerrilla spy network, dragging her to our side for good. Some of the tasks will reward us with the possibility of summoning one of the several animal helpers available in the game – Guapo the crocodile, Chorizo ​​dachshund, Chicarron rooster, or Boomer dog returning from five, here called Boom-Boom.

The fact that Far Cry needs changes is clearly demonstrated by

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Calm before the storm.

Treasure hikes turned out to be an extremely positive surprise for me, which at times give the impression of being torn out of a Tomb Raider alive, because they are associated with relatively simple environmental puzzles to be solved – finding the key to a closed annex, finding a hidden passage in a haunted castle, or in the end of the cave complex full of clefts, at the end of which we find a huge altar of an ancient deity. In the command center of each of the rebel groups, you will also find a special board that allows you to send Libertad members on missions, the course of which can be influenced by making choices like in a paragraph game. There were also missions tailored to cooperation, although we can go through the entire main plot of Far Cry 6 in the company of another player. And if you’re still not enough, you can go hunting for crocodiles, go fishing or relax with a game of dominoes, or take part in a cockfight.

Yara for motorists

You will involuntarily come across other things to do while visiting Yara, which is effectively encouraged by absolutely fantastic broadcasts on the car radio, consisting of Latin songs. You can hear both classic songs from the past and newer pop arrangements such as “Havana” by Camila Cabello or “Livin ‘La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin. It builds a truly amazing atmosphere, especially when behind the hood there is a rocky coast bathed in orange of the setting sun, smoothly turning into a jungle that seems to turn red. So it is a pity that there is no way to listen to these pieces outside the car. Theoretically, there is nothing to prevent Dani from launching a hit from her rather useless smartphone in its current form to make a hiking or horseback ride more enjoyable.This somewhat clashes with the idea of ​​equipping Dani with her own car (four such vehicles can be unlocked throughout the game), which we can recall at any time, as long as we are near the main road to which she can be taken. In theory, it is supposed to be the apple of our eye, which we will develop by installing battering rams and additional elements of armament in it, painting as desired and decorating the upholstery with cute figurines. In practice, however, I completely stopped paying attention to this element as soon as I was equipped with the mentioned wingsuit.

You will involuntarily come across other things to

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Tools of the revolution

However, not only the car can be improved, because the slogan “Do-It-Yourself” has become the main theme of Far Cry 6. We can personalize each of the weapons available in the game by replacing sights, barrels or even types of ammunition to have the most appropriate weapon for the situation we are in at the moment. However, to unlock new additions to our guns, first we will have to obtain the right amount of components. Fortunately, this is the only form of krafting that you will experience in Far Cry 6, because the developers finally took pity on us and removed the need for upgrades and various types of syringes from the game. Even drugs now renew over time, so you can forget about picking plants of the right color. Although you can complain about the castration of the game with survival elements, it has always been the most annoying mechanic of the series.

Contrary to appearances, it is not a zebra.

However, this is not the end of the changes, because the development tree has also been dropped in any form. The acquired experience levels affect only the equipment available from traders. It is the items of clothing that affect Dani’s abilities. The most obvious example is the helmet increasing the resistance to projectiles, but some of the available clothes give really sensible bonuses, sometimes with realism or seriousness of the main character’s appearance, because while it means all nearby enemies after execution, the cybernetic eye from Blood Dragon still looks in reasonably enough to reduce all damage, the plastic crocodile head makes it impossible to take any situation seriously.It looks as if the Xbox Series X version was made at the last minute. Therefore, high-resolution textures, smooth animation and extremely beautiful panoramas make Far Cry 6 look great, but it does not differ from what the five of us are used to.

However this is not the end of the changes

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Has Trzaskowski been blamed for this?

The availability of the game deserves attention and a loud applause, because Ubisoft rose to the occasion and made sure that as many players as possible could play in Far Cry 6 comfortably. You can adjust the color of each of the interface elements and not only, because this also applies to, for example, sniper rifle lasers, and noticing enemies and contours will help turn on the contours that cut them off from the surrounding area. In addition, the menu also offers a narrator that reads the selected option, and in the control tab you can change the purpose of each button on the pad. Although these are not accessibility features that allow you to finish the game “by ear” like The Last of Us: Part II, they are still much more personalization options than most of the currently released titles.

Is Far Cry 6 worth buying?

Far Cry 6 did not turn out to be a much needed revolution. This is another version of it made from a punch, which does not change practically anything in the usual formula. Indeed, I had a really good time crashing into a classic car on the Yaran coast and, to the rhythm of Latin music, leading a wild guerrilla from the jungle that provided me with a refuge. I liked the heroes of this story even though it left a lot to be desired. The problem is that after seeing the end credits, I did not fantasize about where the creators would take me in the next installment. On the contrary, I had great hope that it was the last dictator to plague the world and the moment had finally come when I would be able to lay down my arms once and for all …

Far Cry did not turn out to be a much needed revolution