Forza Horizon 4 PC Review

Hot day. The sun reflects off the chrome-plated bodywork. Ahead are mirages from the hot asphalt … filled stands stretching beyond the horizon. Signal given – key to start. The clutch pedal, the brake, the turn of the key – hundreds of spirited stallions are ready to take off, emitting a furious roar and push the tachometer needle up.

All of these sensations are familiar to any rider. Moreover, it is not necessary at all to own a driver’s license or be in the cockpit of a car. Because the video game industry gave us a wonderful genre – racing games!

Someone likes to spend hours sorting out the gears of the transmission, changing the gear ratios, trying to win a couple of hundredths of a second in acceleration speed to the coveted first hundred km / h, and maybe to the second. Others like to collect all their favorite cars in a virtual garage. And someone just likes to beat at 350 km / h, forgetting about the existence of the brake pedal, and be the coolest.

And this is where the most important feature of Forza Horizon 4 comes in – it can equally appeal to all categories of fans of racing games!

English drift

This time, prim British were entrusted to “steer” the Horizon festival – it is the streets of Great Britain that we will have to go around. True, the English pedantry still bypassed the game world – you should not expect detailed recreated roads and cities of the entire foggy Albion. Yes, the local architecture and landscape design do curtsies towards their inspirers, in some places you can even see several sights, but the feeling of the vastness of The Crew 2 is far from it.

The game opens with a very beautiful and dashingly staged race, throwing the player behind the wheel of a wide variety of vehicles. After that, in the conditional training mode, we go through all the seasons quite quickly, accompanied by short cutscenes that introduce us to the course.

Although, as for me, this training is absolutely useless. Simply because all you have to do is drive out of the garage. Further questions “what to do?” will disappear by themselves. The game rewards literally every step you take. Level up? Super, here’s a free opportunity to spin a roulette wheel with useful prizes. Got all the fences around with a bumper? How graceful you do it, get reward points and a multiplier bonus!

Where we go no roads are needed

Yes, even the seemingly usual for multiplayer games auction here has an outstanding appeal. Not every beauty in the local fleet can be obtained from a store or season pass. By the way, there are over 750 cars of various classes, eras and body types in the game. Some cars even look into the game only for a certain period of time. Of course, such specimens are rapidly becoming desirable and skyrocketing in price.You should have seen with what passion I outbid the bets of other players!

And no one is forcing you to play the way someone else intended before you. No tricky resource manipulation or game progression. If in the already mentioned The Crew 2 each new car is perceived as a very weighty investment that has yet to be saved, then here is the currency, that even the cars themselves are pouring down from the sky in an endless stream. Over time, however, it is very difficult to decide for yourself “what do I want to drive today?” My personal fleet of vehicles, for example, exceeded a hundred “stallions” in just 15 hours of play!

The physics model is very flexible – you can either put on assistants from all sides and drive with the sterility of a bot from Gran Turismo, or turn off absolutely all stabilization systems. Even those that are present in any modern car. Moreover, in the company of friends, each player can choose their own difficulty of control, participating in one race at the same time. The main thing is not to tell your friends that you secretly cut yourself a couple of assistants.

You can even score on the races themselves, as the game designers invented them, and arrange a race according to your own rules. Who said the Lamborghini Huracan was not made for off-road driving ?!

Such absolute freedom also has one significant drawback – interest in the game, most likely, will keep exactly until the moment when you can come up with goals and ideas in your head for how to entertain yourself. After feeling the possibilities, you simply do not want to return to the usual cleaning of races on the map – where only we have not seen it! Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. Just invite your friends to the game!

Home stretch

Here we come to the last lap of this racing review. Overall, Forza Horizon 4 handles all the tasks it needs to do. The game offers us a kind of ideal world for any fan of cars and the spirit of racing. A world where radars exist in order to drift past it as quickly as possible. A world in which every couple of kilometers there is a legendary car with ridiculous vinyl on its entire side. Where there is no police and everyone is just glad to your spontaneous arrivals in the city center.

It is still part of a new world of calculating and dimensionless service games … but it has the roots of the old NFS, Midtown Madness and Test Drive in its soul. So there is no need to put yourself or others at risk – launch the fast Forza Horizon engine, call your friends and get started!

Moreover, sales periodically take place on Steam, and the game can be snatched for half the price. For owners of the Xbox family, an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass is enough – why not great fun for the summer season?