Forza Horizon 5 Wins Most Successful Xbox Game Studios Game

For the development studios under Microsoft’s wing, this has clearly been a great year. Head of gaming, Phil Spencer, today announced that Forza Horizon 5’s release date was the best of any Xbox Game Studios title. To date, more than 4.5 million players have already launched the game on all platforms (via Xbox, Windows and the cloud), and the peak number of players turned out to be 3 times more than that of its predecessor.

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Judging by the reviews from critics and players, Horizon 5 turned out to be an excellent game, but the aforementioned indicators were helped not only by its merits, but also by the widest possible release. The new Forza was released simultaneously on the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, as well as in the online stores Microsoft Store and Steam. So this time, access to the game has become much more convenient, thanks to which it has become the main demo model for both new Microsoft consoles and for top-end PC video cards.

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At the same time, this is a very important moment for Microsoft, which has been buying and supporting game studios for several years now with the aim of making Xbox Game Studios a recognizable brand with a good reputation. Moreover, perhaps very soon this brand will eclipse itself – less than a month is left before the release of Halo Infinite. However, it remains to be seen whether these outstanding results will impact sales of the Xbox consoles themselves.

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