Gameplay for the “Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man” DLC has been released

Launching on November 30, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix announced and released a few things to show what players can expect from the latest release. This includes tons of new, unlimited costumes for Peter Parker and how Spider-Man has changed since the last operation. We just got footage from the latest gameplay that shows Spider-Man in action.

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Courtesy of Crystal Dynamics and IGN, fans have a chance to see the gameplay as they have access to exclusive footage from the new Marvel’s Aveneger: Spider-Man. Below you can see the material and how the hero behaves in the game:

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Peter Parker has learned about the new AIM plan, which aims to discover a technology that will make their (Synthoid) arm unstoppable and achieve total domination. The hero must ally with the Avengers to stop them and transform his precarious collaboration with MS. Marvel, the Black Widow, keep his identity secret. As a lonely hero, he struggles with a new dynamic that characterizes teamwork. Will he be permanently joining the Avengers to defeat AIM ?.

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