How to choose a gaming chair?

How to choose a gaming chair? Is it really worth investing in a chair designed especially for the player? What to consider when choosing? We will answer all these questions in today’s post.

Budget and priorities

The most important issue without which no shopping makes sense. Setting a budget is a key element when choosing a gaming chair. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of options on the market at different price points, so it’s worth refining this. Obviously, the smaller the budget, the bigger the compromises, although this is not the guiding principle. Cheaper chairs will not contain extra goodies and probably will not have an extravagant design, but if you do not care about fancy elements, and even more so, about the appearance – you will find something for yourself that will not strain your home budget. You will find interesting options in the vicinity of PLN 500, it is also worth hunting for promotions – now you can find them at

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Be sure to pay attention to the materials from which the armchairs will be made. Decide whether it should be natural leather, ecological leather or ordinary material. The first choice will be much more expensive and, personally, I think that it is average needed – nowadays ecological leather is already equal to the quality of the “real” ones and they are equally durable. An armchair with velor elements (e.g. in the armrests or headrest) will also be a good option. Why? The velor is soft and very pleasant to the touch, so it should make the use of the chair much pleasant, especially during many hours of games.

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Find out if the armchair contains elements made of something called “mesh fabric”. It is a type of material with a mesh structure, so it provides better air circulation, thus increasing the comfort of sitting – after an intense session in Mortal Kombat, the T-shirt will not stick to the back. Ideally, this fabric should be used to make pillows supporting the sitting posture – in the lumbar spine or at the neck.

It is obligatory to choose a gaming chair that matches your dimensions. The greatest comfort will be provided by a chair adjusted to your height and weight. An additional advantage will be various types of foams that adapt to the user.

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Also, don’t forget the wheels! I have recently discovered (a boring day at work) that everyone has different preferences for armchair wheels. Think about your preferences in this regard. It sounds comical, but if you’re going to be investing a lot of money, do it right.


This is a category where we can either go crazy or save money. Most companies that sell gaming chairs have several “degrees” of improvements and mechanisms.There have been cases in which children have decently started the “unstuck” armchair, which made it squeak, spontaneously lean back and lose its comfort of sitting. The rocking option can work if you are expressive players and after beating the extreme boss you will happily lean back and raise your tired hands up to celebrate the victory (please don’t ask why this example feels personal). A seat that reclines from 90 to 180 degrees is an option worth considering.

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There are also armchairs that allow you to change the position of the armrest by moving it closer or away from you, which makes it a perfect fit for the owner. All options enabling the use of various position configurations will prove useful if the chair is to be used by more than one person – siblings of different ages, a pair of players with different body builds, parents and children. The more mechanisms, the more potential users of the chair.

Ergonomic design is also crucial for comfortable use.


You know, appearance is a subjective matter and everyone perceives things differently. What you like may not be liked by others. The market is constantly evolving, and new armchair designs, color configurations and materials appear all the time. Ba! There are even armchairs with luminous elements, there are armchairs that can be personalized with your own name and logo. If you’re streaming games, the chair may be your hallmark.

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Summarizing the above information: how to choose a gaming chair? You need to set a budget, priorities and consider which amenities are important to us and which are unnecessary gadgets. After reviewing the available options and the initial selection, choose your favorite color (red in my opinion, but I do not impose a choice), then add the product to the basket and wait patiently for the shipment. One well-chosen armchair will guarantee you hours of entertainment spent in comfortable, favorable conditions for the spine. Good luck!

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P.S. Personally, I use the Imbaseat armchair at work (I work 8 hours in front of the computer) and I find it a very, very convenient option for hours of “sitting” in front of the screen ..