How to train smoke grenade throws in CSGO – server setup

Smoke grenades are a very important part of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Okay, sorry, no one has been using the full name for a long time, but “smoke tubes” really play a huge role in CSGO, allowing not only to limit the enemy’s line of sight, but also to disguise explosive grenades and much more. And they are especially important in competitive lobbies, where the opponents are much more serious than your friends dabbling in Valorant.

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We can even say that sometimes the only thing that separates victory from defeat in CSGO is just a correctly thrown smoke grenade. If you incorrectly calculate the trajectory, distance and location of the throw, you will simply waste this grenade, but more importantly, you will lose precious time in the heat of the battle. That is why it is better to practice throwing, in fact, before the matches themselves, and in this article we will tell you how to do it on the ideal training ground for this.

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This tutorial uses information from this video tutorial (english) from the Moabel YouTube channel. We warn you, it will be a little lonely (since you will be alone on this server), but at the same time, these are ideal conditions for understanding how grenades work, where it is best to throw them, and so on. With a lot of practice, be sure to gather teammates and try all of these strategies in the field. Details are below.

How to create the perfect CSGO smoke grenade training lobby

First, you need to go into settings and set the Enable Developer Console option to Yes. This will give us the ability to enable many other useful settings.

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Now load any map, but no bots. The “~” console button on your keyboard is right below the Escape button – remember this, we will use this a lot. Click on the console button and:

  • Enter sv_cheats 1 – this will enable cheat commands.
  • Enter mp_roundtime_defuse 60 – this will set the match time to 1 hour, which will be more than enough for one workout.
  • Now use mp_freezetime 0 – eventually the rounds will start immediately.
  • Finally, enter mp_restartgame 1 – this will restart the game, which should happen almost instantly.

Everything is with the basic settings, now let’s proceed to the additional (but no less important) ones:

  • First write sv_infinite_ammo 1 – for infinite ammo.
  • Next enter give weapon_smokegrenade – this will turn on endless smoke grenades (just what you need for training).
  • And additionally, let’s turn on the display of the trajectory of grenades – to do this, enter sv_grenade_trajectory 1. As a result, a green trail will remain behind the thrown grenades.

Adjust the scope, cl_crosshairsize 1000 is great for grenades.Consider becoming Neo from The Matrix (I hope this metaphor doesn’t give too much of my age).

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You can use these settings on any map, experiment with throwing grenades in various places and notice exactly where they fall – this will give you a head start in battles with players who did not put any effort into such training ..