I played the Battlefield 2042 beta and it’s good, but it could be even better

For the last few days, open tests of the truncated version of Battlefield 2042 took place. Players could try their hand at the latest installment of the cult series, and thus – they could form an opinion about the upcoming title. I made it myself.

Battlefield 2042 in a truncated version – beta testing

For the last few days, everyone could try the upcoming production from Dice studio. Battlefield 2042 was made available for free in the form of one map in one mode – it was Orbital in the Conquest mode, well known from previous parts of the series. The first impressions, according to critics and players, are consistent. Namely, we are dealing with a great, although still requiring a lot of work, production.

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Game and map setting – back to glory

At the outset, it is worth mentioning that the setting of the latest installment is a return to what Battlefield has always done best – a war in the modern era. This is also the case this time, the game is great for the times of the near future. The map released for testing takes place in Kourou, a city in northern French Guiana, which is the Guiana Space Center. And this is evident during the game – multi-story buildings shine against the spaceport, from which – if not previously shot down – the spaceship takes off. Apart from the surroundings, I also liked the map technically. It is large, has many strategic points, and the multiple layers of objects give the game a certain flavor. It is true that this is only the first location, but what is certain is the fact that if the creators polish the rest in the same way, we will have a lot of really great “playgrounds”.

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The gameplay in Battlefield 2042 is as fun as ever

More specifically, it is just as enjoyable to shoot and be satisfied with any opponent placed – as it has always been in Battlefields. About the gameplay in Battlefield 2042, I can certainly say that it seemed to me well-thought-out and balanced – but above all dynamic. In the latest part of the series, it’s even faster and even more spectacular, mainly due to the many effects – whether caused by other players or weather ones, which can completely change the gameplay for those who do not adapt. Finally, I would like to mention that the gameplay seemed much more accessible to new or non-regular players. It seemed to me that the entry threshold was really low, so many players just trying the series, or returning to it after many years, can feel at ease and not be discouraged from the game after the first few rounds.

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Funnily enough, Battlefield 2042 doesn’t have the class-specific classes anymore – instead, we have only three operators that were released during the beta, which resulted in some real clone wars as seen in the video below, shared on Reddit.Well, the technical condition of the game leaves much to be desired. I understand that this is a truly next-gen production and the audio-visual experience I have experienced on the game map is incomparable, but both the overall performance of the game and the advancement of AI still require a lot, a lot of work. In addition, on the technical side, there is also an anti-cheat, which was broken the day after the beta tests were opened and already then there were people who offered players, for example, an aim-bot, completely devastating with the gameplay for everyone on the map – and yet in this case this is really a lot of players.

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To sum up

Taking the above information together, I can say that Battlefield 2042 can be a really great game, as long as the developers put a lot of effort into improving optimization, AI, or such an important element of anti-cheat. Nevertheless, turning a blind eye to these aspects (because it is only beta), I had a lot of fun in the game and I am looking forward to the premiere, which, as I recall, will take place on November 19, 2021 – both on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S ..

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