I was unable to sell the Bloody B800 mechanical keyboard

After a year of using the B760, there was no doubt about the next keyboard. Laugh, this is the optomechanical Bloody again, but the older model is the B800 with blue switches. After positive experience, I still find it difficult to convince someone to choose these keyboards, some kind of halo of distrust towards A4Tech products, although they launched a parallel brand for gamers. I recently had a dialogue like this:

Me: Hi, I have a new mechanical keyboard. Do you want to throw off a photo?

Sh: Come on, I suppose that brand again.

Me: You were just looking for yourself. Excellent, take it too. Skeleton. Instant response, anti-hosting. The release and trigger points are the same. Keycaps sway a little and the font on them is non-standard, but that’s okay. The price compensates for all the shortcomings, about 3000 rubles.

Sh: Oh, everything, I don’t want to. Suggest something for 6,000 rubles.

And so every time … I even refused to try. The B765 can be found for only 2,300 rubles, relatively little so as not to regret it if you don’t like it. This is generally the cheapest mechanic right now. Many are scared off not only by the budget of the brand, but also by the “gamer” design of their devices. If they release a similar keyboard, but in the classic colors of ivory or mint with pumpkin and regular fonts, sales can be multiplied by 10 at once.

Let’s go back to my B800. The main reason for replacing the B760 is the striped backlighting in different colors, which had to be turned off immediately. But the backlight is needed, just not rainbow and not blue. And in the B800 it is orange. The only caveat is that the LEDs are too bright. Fortunately, the brightness can be turned down by pressing the Fn key combination and the down arrow.

The B800 has all the aluminum gone somewhere. The top is covered with glossy plastic. The rear is no different from the B760.

The wire has become much stronger, and it also has Velcro for cable management – roll up excess so that it does not dangle.

The blue switches (for the B800), in contrast to the orange ones (for the B760), have a lower stroke height: 3mm versus 4mm. The buttons are a little faster. For games, this is definitely better, and on typing, few people will notice the difference. And this is the main difference between the two models – the B800 is already a truly gamer mechanic.