I will cure you all! – Two Point Hospital (Nintendo Switch) review

We have known for a long time that Two Point Hospital is a successful production. After all, the game made its debut on PCs in 2018. Warm reception by reviewers and players resulted in the decision to release the title on other platforms. And so the production from Two Point Studios appeared on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Today we will look at the switch version, and the JUMBO Edition, made available to us by the publisher, contains all the good that has been released so far for Two Point Hospital.

For good and for bad

I encourage you to read the review of the PC version. Cassian gave the game a high score (8.5 / 10), praising it for its relaxing gameplay and the fact that Two Point Hospital proudly pays tribute to the iconic Theme Hospital. And if you are wondering what has inspired a purebred PC like me to check this kind of game on the console, then I am already rushing with explanations. Well … I have no idea, just plain curiosity. After all, there was so much talk that all games taste better on the switch. It must be admitted, however, that recently Nintendo hardware has been experiencing a slight crisis in terms of performance, as a result of which even simple pixelart platformers have problems with liquidity.

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After the corpses, successes to the goal!

Playing the role of the hospital manager, we will have to make sure that everyone is satisfied and that the finances are in line. And so, starting with a modest clinic, we will try to create the most prestigious hospital in the entire Two Point County. By diagnosing and treating other ailments, we work on the reputation of the facility, which will allow us to open branches in other towns. However, the road to the top will not be all roses. Our tasks include taking care not only of patients, but also of employed staff. In order to meet all expectations, we are forced to skilfully use the benefits of the managerial inventory. And it must be admitted that it is really rich and offers a lot – from building new branches, through employing and training employees, ending with setting the prices of services. Is there a doctor in the room?

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Two Point Hospital is not a demanding game and everyone can easily handle the basics necessary for fun. However, the depth of the game and the options offered is so great that it will open up a lot of possibilities for us whenever we want to immerse ourselves in it. The same goes for completing subsequent challenges. In each map, we can get a maximum of three stars. Getting one is really easy and guarantees you to unlock new regions. If we want to get all of them, we have to devote a little more time and attention to our hospital. We will be rewarded not only with satisfaction, but also with a special currency, thanks to which we will unlock additional equipment.After all, when they have to wait for over a year with a number in their hand, it is good if they have a snack machine at hand, and the time spent in the toilet is made more pleasant by colorful pictures. Although I must admit that the room beautification mechanics could be a bit more precise and balance better between nice and effective.

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Paaaanie, such treatments are only private!

Another element that deserves mention is humor. Everything is laughed at at Two Point Hospital. We find here diseases unknown to science, such as monobrew, cystic fibrosis or pixelosis. Our crew members will have quite peculiar character traits that are worth paying attention to when hiring. If we do not ensure sufficient availability of toilets, the announcer will ask the visitors not to urinate wherever she falls. And all this is accompanied by bands and songs whose names the most hardcore teams from Polish fire stations would not be ashamed of. We should remember that the most important thing is the well-being of the patients, because those who cannot be healed in time may return to the hospital corridors in the form of ghosts. Of course, with so many jokes it is impossible to get them all hit and funny, but when discovering this game, the smile shouldn’t come off our face. The Polish translation deserves a word of appreciation, as it was made with care that is worth mentioning, and you can immediately see the translators’ commitment.

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From the technical side

I must admit that I doubted the smooth operation of Two Point Hospital on the Nintendo console. At more advanced stages, we manage several wards at the same time, which can be filled to the brim with constantly moving patients. The switch handles it surprisingly well, both in handheld mode and when connected to a TV set. It seems to me that the main merit of this is the graphic design, because the creators focused on neat simplicity, which, combined with the comedic character, works perfectly. I also have no objections to the control model. You can see that it has been thought out and optimized as much as possible. Of course, in the case of such games, nothing can replace a mouse, but the pad is fine. And when you switch to you, I guarantee you dozens of hours of great fun. The basic version of the game is already quite extensive and offers a lot of content, but the JUMBO Edition that I have available is full of it. You will find all the DLC released so far. However, nothing stands in the way of buying the basic edition and deciding to upgrade, once we are sure that we like the game.

Is Two Point Hospital worth playing?

I don’t think I will surprise anyone with the statement that Two Point Hospital is a production that every fan of economic strategies should play.It is not a production that will crush us into an armchair with original mechanics and solutions, but a fun and addictive game that can keep you on the screen for many hours. It will be fair to admit that Two Point Studios has done a solid piece of craftsmanship, which completely met the expectations of the players. Two Point Hospital can both engage and relax, so it is probably this pleasant balance that is the main advantage of this production. Now excuse me, it’s time for a celebration …