Impostor Factory Review: A Wonderful Fragile World

Impostor Factory is a short story about how a hero, invited to a party in a rich mansion, suddenly discovers that the owners of the house are dead. Killed, to be more precise. A hermetic detective classic!

Or not. This is a story about how the hero (still the same) finds a time machine in a mansion – built into the sink in the toilet. You can wash your hands and at the same time go back in time. Conveniently!

Or not. Because people continue to die (it happens), and time travel does not save the situation at all (it would seem, they should!), And what does the longcat have to do with it, the very Internet Longcat, and why the tentacles, and who taught the rice cooker to speak? .. And, in general, I have now told about one-fourth of the plot seed.

Or not

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Interesting? Then go ahead!

Kang Gao, developer of Impostor Factory, is best known for his previous projects, To The Moon and Finding Paradise (and a few smaller ones, but these are the main ones). To The Moon and Finding Paradise are about two companion doctors, Eva Rosalyn and Neil Watts. The guys are engaged in non-standard business in the world of the near future: they change human memories. How? With the help of the agency for the fulfillment of wishes, it became possible! But, alas, since a change in human memory is too complex and fraught with undesirable consequences, desires are fulfilled only dying ones – for terminally ill patients, for example.

But – absolutely any. For example, if a person wished to fly to the moon – please. His memories will be changed according to the contract. He will die with the full knowledge that he has lived a life working for NASA, making a career as an astronaut and seeing the Earth from orbit. No problem.

But absolutely any

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Impostor Factory introduces a new protagonist – Quincy, the same gag who decided to attend a suspicious party in the woods. But the plot is still addictive from the very beginning, not allowing to come off, unwinding gradually, smoothly and to the maximum. In the end, you will sit with round eyes – because everything that was in the beginning will seem so unimportant and insignificant. But if you wish, you can replay – to see the subtle keys hidden at the very start, where without them!

The classic of the series is a journey through other people’s memories, collecting fragments of memory in order to see in the end a complete picture of the situation. It is also there, although a little different than usual. The most linear, no puzzles at all: it’s impossible to make a mistake, just go ahead and collect the glowing event balls. Of course, we start with the earliest memories and go to the latest – and therefore the intrigue will not become clear immediately. But when it becomes …

The classic of the series is a journey through other peoples

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There is no point in talking about the schedule. She is – and that’s enough, she is much better than many modern crafts of newfangled indie pixel retro stylists. It’s not for the graphics that we love the To The Moon series.This is, to put it mildly, not true. If you start right away with Impostor Factory, then you run the risk of not understanding the subtext of half of the plot and blinking in bewilderment while the second half passes by you. Play the first two parts first, they are worth it, 100%, lifetime guarantee.

Have you already noticed that the first two letters of the words of the game name add up to a simple IF? “If”. This is not in vain, there are no random things in the game at all. “If” is such a banal word. If something in our lives had gone differently, if on some path you had turned right instead of left, would you have gone to another institute, gone to another job, met another person, made a different choice … how would your a life? Empty, you say, why worry about the unrealizable. Reality is here.

Have you already noticed that the first two

But what is reality, anyway? The only reality for us is the one in which we live, which we perceive, right?

Of course, all of Kang Gao’s works are technically visual novels, though not made in a novel engine; book games; stories, the entire gameplay of which lies in the plot. But this plot is of such supernatural power, such crazy twist, that it is simply impossible to tear oneself away from it.

These are stories that make even the toughest veterans of the BFG and the sniper rifle frown, laugh, cry, empathize and rejoice for the heroes. It’s not for nothing that the Emotional tag is on Steam. Touching, heartbreaking, real. Those games that are art..