Industria review

Timeless titles, apart from educating players, can inspire those enthusiasts of electronic entertainment who want to create their own game in the future. Bleakmill studio is such a band, small, because it consists of five people. The developers do not hide that they are big fans of Half-Life 2, but there were also references to the work of David Lynch. The studio’s debut work, Industria, which was created for five years in free time, was to have its own unique shape and provide the player with a good gameplay. Has it been possible?

In India, the main character is Nora, a scientist from Berlin. There is an online coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall when the protagonist receives a phone call, from which she learns that her partner got into trouble creating the project they were working on. Nora wants to return to the research institute quickly, but it is too late, and in the institute itself, state services are destroying all evidence of her partner’s research. The protagonist decides to repeat the experiment in order to find the missing person and ends up in a parallel world – which, however, looks completely different from Berlin at the end of the 1980s. Nora finds herself in a world full of soulless robots and steam engines, and she meets the last surviving man in this soulless world. From him she learns a bit about the world, as well as about his missing partner.

In India the main character is Nora a scientist from Berlin

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Industria was conceived as a shooter with narrative elements. There is more emphasis on shooting and exploring the world, but the narrative is still with us in the background. Industria is unfortunately a short experience – the authors talk about 4 hours, but unfortunately it is an exaggerated value. On the normal difficulty level, where we don’t have to save the game only in designated places and we have more ammunition, Industria will easily take us 2-2.5 hours. In fact, a more difficult level may slightly extend the game, but up to the aforementioned 4 hours, which is not a good result. I am aware that a group of 5 people worked on Industria, but I still have the impression of unused potential in the gameplay layer. I can imagine stages that could slightly extend the game – such as the moment when Nora travels by train. There is one piece that focuses more on more intense shooting, but the rest of the game is a linear story. Interesting, pleasant, but still linear and will disappear from memory after a week.

Industria was conceived as a shooter with narrative elements

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The shooting itself is very decent. It’s a simple shooter with 5 types of weapons and several types of enemies, but with a nice shooting pattern. Most often we come across an ordinary robot that attacks in a melee, but if injured properly, it starts to run away until it explodes. This is a very interesting and spectacular effect.Our arsenal consists of a pickaxe, pistol, shotgun, rifle and submachine gun. Standard above standards, but for the first part of the game we watch Nora holding only a pickaxe. There were also some elements of narrative games in India, such as environmental riddles. However, they are simple and only extend the game by a few minutes. Without them, the essence of the game would probably close in an hour and a half. Therefore, I regret that no attempt was made to expand the game. Curious game world full of monumental buildings, deserted factories that can be seen in the background, definitely deserves more content. In shooters, the visual setting is one of the most important components, although recently the fashion for retro-shooters is reaching a higher level and the uglier the better. Industria is quite solid – I liked the robot models, the general “artistry” of the presented world, but the textures of lower quality are noticeable, and the game itself likes to “crunch” in some places. There have also been occasional bugs and desktop exits, though many of these shortcomings have been fixed in recent patches.

The shooting itself is very decent

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Industria looks decent, has a lot of interesting ideas for itself. However, this does not change the fact that this is the title for one evening. Really, it will take longer to show an Irishman on Netflix than to play Industria. Despite some disadvantages, I rate the debut as positive and Bleakmill studio could try to embed another shooter in this “universe”, because they did well in the shooting elements. More ideas to diversify the game and the next title could be absolutely recommended. I would advise you to wait with Industria until the first promotion.

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