Job Search – Postal 4 – Day # 01

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Don’t be an elf, dej suba!

I invite you to the Let’s play series from Postal 4, which we play (of course) on PC, on Steam. We will try to complete the entire game. Today we will look for a job and find the first collectibles and challenges.

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Let’s play all episodes in the series Postal 4:

Postal 4 on Steam:

It has been several years since the events that wiped out the city of Paradise. Only two people survived this cataclysm – an unlucky man called Dude and his faithful companion Champ. Now they are driving aimlessly through the sun-scorched Arizona deserts and looking for a new place to live. After a pee stop ends with their camper van and their belongings being stolen, the Dude is left with only his canine friend and old bathrobe – and neither of them smells very good. However, a new, blinding city looms on the horizon. What adventures await our heroes there? Fame? Money? How about a bidet or two? Edensin is waiting.

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POSTAL 4: No Regerts is a satirical and uncompromising comedy in the form of a first person shooter. It is also the long-awaited sequel to “The worst game ever” ™, ie POSTAL 2 (The third game does not exist).

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Postal 4 in Polish

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let’s play Postal 4

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