Just Dance 2022 review

For several years now, when reviewing subsequent installments of the Just Dance series, I repeat to the point of boredom that I could actually copy the review from last year, adding a modest paragraph about new products. Unfortunately, on the occasion of Just Dance 2022, the situation has not changed, well, maybe except that I can not write even a modest paragraph about new products, because these are simply not there.

As in last year’s edition, Just Dance 2022 can be played on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. from PS Move or PlayStation VR. The most accessible and universal option for most players is smartphone control, which only requires the installation of a dedicated application. At the beginning of the game, there are three main game modes to choose from. As in the previous editions, these are: Just Dance Kids and the main mode with the actual Just Dance game. The third option is random selection of tracks, i.e. a typical blockage.

When it comes to the kids’ mode, this year Ubisoft has followed the line of least resistance without offering new tracks. The French decided to take out a few layouts from previous editions and spice them up with selected layouts from last year. Younger dancers may feel cheated. In the main mode, as in the previous year, we received 53 new layouts for just over 40 songs. So traditionally a few jokes received bonus systems that we unlock during the game. The track list is quite varied, but unfortunately as a child born in the 80’s I regret the small amount of songs from my youth. There were also hits from the first decade of the 21st century, such as Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake or Buttons from The Pussycat Doll. Regulars in Just Dance, such as Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish, also have their place on the list. Certainly, we should not complain about the track list, as well as about the layouts themselves. Just Dance 2022

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And especially in the latter, it had a bit of freshness. Ubisoft took full advantage of computer animation when creating several dance arrangements. The binding of most of the other systems is also very effective and you can see that the French made a lot of effort. On the other hand, this is the only element of Just Dance 2022 in which the developers could show off. As I already mentioned, the new track package is unfortunately the only significant change compared to the previous editions. The game menu has been untouched by the developers, as well as the rest. Just Dance 2022

The scheme of the game and the scoring system have not changed either. Each of the pieces has a certain level of difficulty.There are only a few dance sequences and they are repeated very often. The choreography on Medium should also not be a problem and the exaggeration of the results to the level of 12 thousand. points (from 10,000 maximum five stars) are within the reach of even not very talented dancers. The stairs start with systems with a Hard difficulty level, especially if we want to compete with real stagers in the online mode. The most difficult are the Extreme systems. Mastering them to perfection is quite an art. They are dynamic, with lots of different sequences that hardly repeat themselves throughout the whole system.

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Each of the movements made is rated on a five-point scale. We can burn it, for which we do not get points, then it can be performed on “Ok”, “Good”, “Super” and “Perfect”. Each hand also has three special Golde moves for which we get a big bonus, so it’s better not to miss them. The Mojo virtual currency could not be missing in Just Dance 2022. We receive it for practically every activity in the game, including the most for completing a package of three daily challenges. We need it to unlock new songs, avatars or postcards and stickers that make up eye-catching posters.

Just Dance 2022

As in previous editions, Ubisoft has not forgotten about calorie burning enthusiasts. Each track available in the game can be run in the Fitness mode. For PlayStation console, just click the triangle. Then the five-level scale of difficulty turns into a three-level scale of training intensity. We also receive information on how many calories we should burn while dancing a given song. In turn, when performing the system, the game calculates the calories burned and counts down the time to the end of the training.

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Just Dance 2022 also features the World Dance Floor online mode. And here, too, we will not experience any surprises. The mode has traditionally been divided into several forms of fun: the basic ranking competition, during which the decisions about the dancing arrangement are most often made by the players during voting, Happy Hours is a specific time during which players can compete in songs normally available under the Just Dance Unlimited subscription, with turn In Beat The Boss, the points of all players are added up to reach the barrier required to defeat the boss. And there is also Team Battle, which allows two teams to compete – the team whose members score more points wins. However, the entire online mode is one organism, and the timing of its components is predetermined and is not influenced by players.

On the one hand, the stagnation in the Just Dance series is understandable to me. The game has a well-known and proven scoring system, the online mode works well, and the competition is not pushing because it is not there.Over PLN 200 for just over 50 new chips is, in my opinion, too high a price, especially for owners of the previous edition. Of course, there is also the Just Dance Unlimited service, which gives us access to over 700 layouts for little money, but we do not need the latest version of the game to use it. Just Dance 2022 is a good Just Dance. Maybe even better than last year, because although Ubisoft has not introduced any changes, the choreographies and their graphic settings look phenomenal. However, what hurts me the most is the approach to regular fans of the series, who have had to buy the same game every year for several years to get a new set of chips.