Knowledge of Stega, Sentinel Bezlicych, Nimik, Curse of Meda – Chorus – Gameplay en no comment

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Don’t be an elf, dej suba!

Chorus, an interesting arcade-style space shooter with a very rich narrative and beautiful music and graphics. Today we will perform the following tasks:

0:00 Knowledge from Stega

23:00 Sentry of Bezlicych Boss

32:21 Nimika Prime

37:14 Blockade of Refugees

42:18 Curse of Meda

In Chorus we play the role of the Navy, a woman who left a terrible cult trying to indoctrinate the entire galaxy. Nava will try to face both her past and the overwhelming powers of the cult, helped by her intelligent fighter and mysterious abilities that many might call magic.

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Let’s play Chorus

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