Land of War Review -The Beginning. How to get away with a hoe

Polish history is told in many games. Sometimes they are single episodes, sometimes campaigns, sometimes our history is the main driving force of the game. In the latter case, we usually get poor productions, or even straight – craps, which should never see the light of day. However, as a Pole, I always look forward to various productions that touch on our complicated history. On the other hand, as a player, I like all sorts of shooters, so when I heard about the Polish Call of Duty from MS GAMES, because such phrases about Land of War – The Beginning often appeared in the media, I knew that I would have to play it. Now I can even write that I played… so that you wouldn’t have to.

And it’s not that I didn’t want to like Land of War. I wanted to, but it was impossible …

Absurd after absurd

Land of War – The Beginning throws us into the whirlwind of events from the beginning of World War II – we direct the fate of Private Piotr Kowalski, who from September 1 will take part in many important events in the defense of Poland against Nazi Germany in 1939. First, we will go to the village of Mokra, where the first clashes with German soldiers took place, and then to Warsaw, the Kampinos Forest and Hel. Kowalski himself was presented in the game on the one hand as “bring, pass, sweep”, on the other – a man without whom we would not defend anything for more than an hour. I was afraid, after the first mission, where we are pinned down by the Germans, that the whole game would look just like a roller coaster. There are moments when, in my opinion, they wanted to show the realism of the war through the numerical superiority of the opponent, but the limits of the absurd have been exceeded.

In moments such as those when the three of us defend ourselves against a hundred German soldiers in a small hut, Land of War rubs against a Hollywood action movie. It is also a total oddity to accidentally stumble upon a German camp while driving a Fiat 508 with a machine gun. Three Polish soldiers fall behind enemy lines and wreak havoc among the confused Germans. I know it’s about emotions, about tension and it’s just a game, but it looks very grotesque. To be sure, I checked a mission from a real Call of Duty (more specifically United Offensive), where the game starts with driving a jeep and KM service. A dozen years ago it was made much better. It’s not that the developers at Infinity Ward were more skilled, they just had a better idea and didn’t force anything. The hit of the decade is also the mission in which we sit as a shooter in a tank. We have the pleasure to move along the road and watch Polish and German soldiers shooting at each other on its two sides, from a distance of about 10 meters.The more it is a pity that the game’s potential is wasted most of the time. Perhaps you didn’t have to draw from Call of Duty, and more from Brothers in Arms. Less pathos, less action, but more fun with shooting, because those in Land of War turned out pretty well. The arsenal is impressive, the emphasis is on Polish weapons, which is highly praised. Compared to the premiere version, the patch included a second difficulty level, which makes the game much easier, first of all, the possibility of adjusting the annoying swaying of the camera when we are hit. At first it is hard to get used to this state of affairs at all, and one hit could wobble us more than on many boats during a storm. However, once this effect is mitigated, shooting is much nicer.

Historical bluff

At this point, a small historical insertion. I regret the fact that MS GAMES has also blended in with historical accuracy. This is important because on the Steam tab itself, Land of War is advertised as the first shooter focusing on the events of September 1939. It is a pity that some facts did not match in the premiere version. The game features the Royal Castle, which you can see in full splendor in the first screenshot. Our hero goes to Warsaw on September 19, so at the moment when … The castle was already damaged after the German bombing two days earlier. It wasn’t until patch 1.2 that the correct model was added. This is not only one problem, because the number of stars on the uniforms of the captains did not match, and the mission in which we control the armored train “Piłsudczyk”, which is interesting, but this train did not take part in the Battle of Mokra.

Scripts, scripts, scripts

Coming back to the game, unfortunately the scripts are a big problem for MS Games. In the initial mission, you and other soldiers must storm a German bunker. We fall under fire, colleagues say that they will cover us, and we have to circle the bunker, get to it and send the bullet to the shooter from behind his back. Sounds logical, but I did not realize that I missed one of the shells while firing and the script did not start. I killed every German, but I couldn’t get to the next door in the bunker. Interestingly, I could approach the shooter, throw grenades at him, score headshots and nothing.

Ubiquitous ugliness

In shooters, the audiovisual setting often “does the job”. In the case of Land of War it is unfortunately very average. I would forgive the poor quality of textures, enemy models with decent optimization, unfortunately the production of MS GAMES is much worse than other shooters, much nicer. In addition, Polish dubbing looks very poor.There is a lack of dynamics, good lyrics, and the performance leaves much to be desired. Weapons sound the best in the game.

Land of War – The Beginning – is it worth it?

Dear MS GAMES, it would be a shame to be offended by the opinions of reviewers and players, because although Land of War – The Beginning is a flop, there are some bright points to rely on. The shooting itself did not fail for sure, it fared quite well, not only compared to the rest, but also to the competition. The vast majority of ideas have burned out, but those that defend themselves have turned out very well. A mission with a plane, sequences with a sniper or looking for a traitor in Warsaw. Although this is also an example of incredible carelessness (not to write “location of the lag”), because that traitors in the very center of Warsaw would wear German uniforms? This, beloved, cannot be defended with a small budget …

In conclusion, although the launch price may be encouraging, it is not worth spending a hundred on Land of War. At least wait for the -50% promotions, a few patches, maybe then. It is also a pity that MS GAMES decided to release paid DLC with weapons for the game. And of course you won’t get 100% achievements without buying a saber for ten zlotys.