Microsoft has acquired Activision Blizzard! Call of Duty and Overwatch exclusive titles?

Microsoft is crazy! Over the past few months, the company has purchased several major game publishers, including Bethesda. Today the xbox family grows with another member!

Activision Blizzard officially goes to Microsoft! We found out about this fact today through the official Xbox Twitter account. So what does this mean for fans of this console and competition equipment? Well, it’s hard to say anything at the moment, but if things turn out like Bethesda, it will mean that franchises like Call of Duty, Overwatch and Diablo will become Xbox exclusive titles. In addition, these titles would go to the famous Xbox Game Pass on the day of release. Microsoft paid as much as $ 70 billion for Activision, so these games will probably become Xbox exclusives. It is happening in the world of games, oh, it is happening …

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