Mini Motorways review. Small is beautiful!

If someone would ask me what production I can recommend, which is minimalist, has simple rules, but at the same time gives a lot of challenge, I would answer without hesitation: Mini Metro. The game created by Dinosaur Polo Club won the hearts of many players with this characteristic. Don’t rub your eyes when you look at the ratings on Steam – as many as 96% of the nearly eight thousand players rated it positively. Even today I have Mini Metro on my phone and I play it when I have a free moment.

However, we had to wait a long time for the next game, Dinosaur Polo Club, especially if we are talking about computer owners. Only at the end of July, their next work, Mini Motorways, was finally released (previously it had its premiere on iOS). Although more than five years have passed, I can boldly write – it was worth waiting so long.

In Mini Motorways, we play the role of a man responsible for planning and organizing road traffic in cities. Each board begins with a house and a workplace – we have to connect them by roads, so that employees from each house (which differ in color) go to their workplace. One successful trip from home to work equals one point. The more of them we get, the more complex it is, of course, whether it is in the topography of the city (rivers, mountains, islands) or in the random appearance of new buildings. This, in turn, inevitably translates into an increasing difficulty in arranging city traffic without a clutter.

The game is divided into weeks, at the end of which we always get to choose from two resource options that will help us to embrace the traffic and be prepared for the next days. These aids are even additional “pieces” of the road, which are worth their weight in gold … because you probably did not think that we have an unlimited number of them? Sometimes you will also find another bridge or tunnel, and of the more common means – roundabouts, traffic lights and expressways, which will allow you to bypass the entire crowd in the city center. And when does the game end? Pins that represent the demand in the workplace appear on the screen and when there are too many of them, the countdown begins. If we do not react on time and the employees do not get to work on time – we lose.

You should like what you see on the screen. A very minimalist visual setting, with a well-chosen range of colors, which makes Mini Motorways a game very readable and pleasing to the eye at the same time. Even if we sometimes forget that after all, this is a game and we are fighting to survive, it’s no wonder – despite this, again a New Zealand studio fried us a relaxing game.

If you make your way through all 11 locations, which will probably take you 2 hours, you can still take part in the Daily and Weekly Challenges.only 1 roundabout can be used per game. Like a trifle, and it introduces quite a lot of difficulty to play.

I know I could have finished this review long ago by saying that Mini Motorways is a Mini Metro, but with cars and highways… but that would be too simple. Actually true, but too simple. On the other hand, it’s just a great incentive to play Mini Motorways. It is certain that it will be one of the better turkeys this year – a minimalistic but quite fun game. It is a pity that there were no more boards in it, especially since the Mini Metro already had more of them. However, I’m counting on some free, additional content to spend the next few hours at Mini Motorways.