New World breaks all online records right on the day of release

New World, the promising MMORPG from Amazon (yes, from the online store) has finally seen the light of day. Four postponements, over a year of delays and alpha-beta tests. Was it worth it?

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Probably yes – after all, online in the new MMORPG is off the charts. If during the beta test the peak number of players on Steam was about 200 thousand people, then after the release the number has tripled dramatically. And it continues to increase: by the evening of September 28, there were more than 700 thousand online. Plus almost a million viewers watching game streams on Twitch.

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The game is distributed on a buy-to-play basis – having bought New World once, you no longer pay for a subscription.

New World has set an absolute record on Steam for the number of simultaneously logged in players, overtaking such monsters as Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG. People are tired of session shooting and running around and miss a quality MMO! And this is good news.

New World has set an absolute record

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Currently the most popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV (the largest number of active players compared to the total number of registered players) boasts only fourteenth place in the Steam top. This is about 35 thousand players at the same time. However, FFXIV is a cross-platform game that also supports the PlayStation 4-5, plus its own client and launcher that does not depend on Steam.

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The three most popular MMORPGs in 2021, in order – FFXIV, World of Warcraft, Old School Runescape. With the advent of a new dark horse, the balance is likely to change, and WoW, which has already lost significantly online, may fall even lower. Time will tell if New World becomes a new WoW and overall successful project..

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