Paw Patrol Review: The City of Adventure is calling

Canadian animated series about resolute dogs saving the city from various oppressions, since 2013 haunts the homes of young parents literally in every latitude. It is not surprising that on the wave of popularity of PAW Patrol, the third part of the licensed series of games was released a few weeks ago. However, the release of Psi Patrol: The City of Adventure Calls was a unique occasion, because at the beginning of September, the first full-length animated film – PAW Patrol Film – was released in cinemas. Does the next game about helpful dogs live up to the previous one? You will find out from the review below.

With the death of motion games, Microsoft and Sony consoles suffer from a shortage of games for young gaming adepts. With a candle, we can look for productions that will work well as initiation games for 4-6-year-olds, so each licensed production based on a fairy tale is an event, although their quality often leaves much to be desired. The best example of this is the recently released Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure, which I had the dubious pleasure of reviewing.

In the case of PAW Patrol, however, the situation is safer, because this is the third game in the series, i.e. the previous two had to be relatively good. And it was actually so. Although many parents complained about the modest compactness at the premiere price, the ability to control Sky or Chase gave the kids a lot of joy. Unfortunately, both Paw Patrol: Goes to Action and Paw Patrol: Kosmopieski save the Bay of Adventure, which was released two years later, are games that we can only treat as a toturial from the use of the controller. These productions are also great as an introduction to 3D games with which children have a lot of problems at the beginning. After 15 minutes, both productions had nothing new to offer, and unfortunately the same is true for the City of Adventure Calls. Despite the fact that the game was released on the occasion of the film’s premiere, it is in vain to look for any story in it and basically the only common denominators of both productions are a new dog named Liberty and the title City of Adventure, where the action of the film and the game takes place. The very core of the game, because it’s hard to talk about a plot that binds the whole story, is going through the next twin similar missions, during which we control one of the two dogs assigned to the task. So we run around the city, collect huge amounts of dog delicacy, i.e. bone-shaped cookies and special badges. From time to time, the player has to switch to the right dog and complete a task in the form of a simple mini-game to move on. More or less each mission looks the same and is based on simple platform elements combined with exploration.To make matters worse, even the locations themselves are not very diverse, the streets of the city in each subsequent mission do not surprise us with anything, although the fragments played under water should definitely be saved. Certainly, a nice diversion would be to implement a cooperative game on one couch, the more so as the structure of each mission itself predisposes you to this type of fun.

Okay, end this whining. Fortunately, it is not only the PAW Patrol’s missions. Well, in the section described quite unfortunately as “Extras” we have several separate mini-games that will allow us to slightly diversify the fun. Competitions such as Hopp hopp boogie, obstacle course, time races, or collect everything that consists of collecting all the delicacies in a given time, give a lot of fun, not only to the youngest players. After completing each task, we unlock its higher level, which makes the gameplay much more attractive. I must admit that maxing out some of the competitions can give even an experienced player a hard time. Importantly, in the additions, we can face another player on one couch, although this option is not very intuitive and many may overlook it.

In Psi Patrol: City of Adventure, we will not experience a refreshed graphic design compared to previous editions. It is not ugly, Ryder or doggie animations are at a decent level, but the texture quality leaves a lot to be desired and in this respect this title does not differ much from other hastily licensed titles. The sound setting can also evoke mixed feelings, although Ryder speaks in the voice of Ryder from a fairy tale in full Polish dubbing, but the dogs themselves do not have a voice. In turn, the music and sounds related to completing the next stages are the same as in the previous parts of PAW Patrol.

Psi Patrol: The City of Adventures is calling is not only a game for young fans of the series, it is a title from which our kids can easily start their adventure with electronic entertainment. It is a pity that the gameplay itself does not differ much from what we can experience in previous editions. So if your children have not played the previous PAW Patrol games, I do not know if it would be a better solution to buy a package of the two previous parts. We can postpone the purchase of Paw Patrol: The City of Adventures to a later date, although unfortunately the games from this series are rarely discounted.