Playstation Plus Free Games – February 2022

Traditionally, as every month, Sony has announced what games will be available on PS Plus. Will these be good titles this month? Let’s find out.

EA Sports UFC 4 | PS4

EA Sports UFC 4 is an MMA brawl produced by EA Vancouver, released two years after its predecessor. There are 229 unique players in the game with 81 alternate versions. The career mode is designed to teach us the basics of the four MMA disciplines: boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and jiujitsu. It allows us to create our unique player and the goal is to become a G.O.A.T.

EA Sports UFC is an MMA brawl produced

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Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure | PS4

This is a standalone version of the DLC for Borderlands 2, so if we played BL2 with the Tiny Tiny DLC, we won’t find anything new here. We will fight skeletons, dragons and ogres with one of the six Vaulthunters available to choose from. We are a player in the D&D session led by Tiny Tina, so there are various surprises waiting for us.

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Planet Coaster: Console Edition | PS5

Planet Coaster is a CMS (Construction and management simulation) game. Our task is, of course, to build and maintain an amusement park. There are four game modes available in the game: sandbox, challenges, career and scenario editor.

Planet Coaster is a CMS Construction and management simulation

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