Pogodynek in trouble – review of the comic book “The Weatherman”, vol. 1

Weathermen and showman

Meet Nathan Bright, Mars weather presenter. However, he is not a typical, polite gentleman describing the aura outside. Announcing the weather, Nathan makes a real show, wanting to offer his viewers a little more sunshine. at some point, the hero’s reality turns upside down. Over time, there are accusations of contributing to the genocide of the Earth’s inhabitants. All the circumstances presented suggest that Nathan had led a much less pleasant life before, and that his present “smiling weatherman persona” may turn out to be one big lie.

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SF on a more serious note

Jody LeHuep’s script is largely based on action scenes. Apart from them, however, we will find serious topics here. Looking at the character of the main character, at first glance we see a positive, energetic man. Bright seems to be constantly focused on his job. On closer examination, however, we see a man hiding his pain under a mask. There are really many people like him on Mars. Inhabitants of the red planet suffer from the loss of their loved ones on Earth. As a result of trauma, they seek solace in a drug called nemo, allowing them to relive their best moments with their loved ones. However, as is the case with this type of drug, after a short time new problems start to emerge in people’s lives.

Jody LeHueps script is largely based on action scenes

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With his drawings, Nathan Fox created a colorful, quite classic world of the distant future (the action of the comic takes place in 2770), which hides its many secrets under the guise of a futuristic vision. The colors applied by Dave Stewart also deserve praise. The comic book published by Non Stop Comics has a soft cover, but it did not affect my opinion in any way. As far as the quality of the translation is concerned, I did not notice any stinging errors.

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The Weatherman. Volume 1 made a really big impression on me. I was also surprised by the fact that, according to the authors’ vision, in over 700 years the profession of weather presenter will still be performed by people. It sounds a bit bizarre, but a well-led and action-packed story combined with beautiful, colorful drawings can be completely absorbing …

The Weatherman

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