Preview of the book “The Witch’s Heart” by Genevieve Gornichec

The Witch’s Heart is a timeless story of love and betrayal, friendship and loyalty, drawing on Nordic legends. People are dying. The gods are dying. It still goes on. The story of Angerboda begins where other witch stories end: at a burning stake.

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Punished by Odin for refusing to reveal her knowledge of the future, she flees Asgard, wounded and powerless. He finds refuge in a remote forest at the edge of the world, where he meets a man who introduces himself as Loki. The initial distrust turns into a hot, unshakable love.

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Their union will give birth to three children, each with a secret destiny. Angerboda will raise them in the idyllic retreat of the Iron Forest, where they will remain hidden from the omniscient Odin. Over time, however, as the witch begins to regain her prophetic powers, it will become clear that her peaceful life – as well as the whole of creation – is in danger of an unspeakable threat.

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The book will be released on May 18 ..