Production of the second part of Black Panther has been suspended

During the shooting of the Black Panther sequel, Letitia Wright, who plays the role of Shuri, suffered an arm injury. So far, scenes have been shot without her participation, but the prolonged absence of the actress forced the production to stop. As it turned out, Wright’s injuries are more serious than initially thought and will prevent her from returning to filming before January 2022. Along with the pandemic situation and the death of Chadwick Boseman, this is one of the reasons why the release date of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was postponed.

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Of course, the people involved in the project realize how important it is to treat the story appropriately. Marvel’s producer Nate Moore raised this point in an interview with

In addition to thinking: “we want to create a source of good entertainment”, we also consider how to properly approach the legacy of the first film (…) and tell a story that will not be exploitative, which we would never have done, but rather build on what he loved and contributed to. of that production, in a pleasant, real and organic way. Because I think we will be watching this movie through two different lenses, pure entertainment, but also a kind of catharsis.

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However, it wasn’t just the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever that was delayed. Most of the upcoming MCU projects have been postponed. This topic was taken up by Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios. He was quite optimistic about the matter and summed it up with a statement that we would probably manage if we had to wait not three, but five months for the second part of Doctor Strange’s adventures ..

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