Review Biomutant – a fairy tale about a cat with a rifle

There is not much left in my head from the formulas learned at the next levels of education. I didn’t even realize it, but apart from the abbreviated multiplication formula that I use almost every day, for some reason I still remember definitions of literary genres. I realized this while playing Biomutant. The scrolls, covered with a thick layer of dust, came to life and showed me that Experiment 101’s production quite clearly fits into the fairy tale genre. We find here both anthropoid heroes, personifying human features, and a story illustrating well-known problems. The most important distinguishing feature, however, seems to be the moral of the story, which, although perhaps naive, like most fairy tales, allows us to believe that we cannot give up while there is hope.

Nothing is impossible

I imagine the early process of creating Biomutants as a meeting of several ambitious and full of ideas heads. In the great uproar, everyone was switching between different visions of what the game should look like and what elements should be included in it. The production manager carefully wrote down every golden thought on a large board, and when the space was over, he looked at her from a distance and said – we do everything! It’s a bit like letting children into a pizzeria, spreading a cake in front of them, a few dozen additions and sauces, and then leave them alone. After the end effects, you should expect everything except orderly, classic solutions. The team from Experiment 101 has prepared just such a mishmash of concepts for us. The problem, however, is that with this intensity, there is one mechanic for each successful idea that has completely failed. All this resulted in the fact that, from a purely common sense point of view, Biomutant is a medium, but due to its unique nature, it will be a game that some will love and others will hate.

An important lesson in ecology

Biomutant takes us to a world where humanity has lost the fight against too dynamic progress. The actions of the big corporation Toxanol poisoned the Earth to such an extent that the changes turned out to be irreversible and catastrophic. There are no more people on the planet, and their place was taken by the title mutants, i.e. evolved animals. However, when they stood on two legs, the animals resembled humans in almost all respects. As a result of the mutation, they were also endowed with paranormal abilities, which can be simply described as magic. However, this does not mean idyllic living on a planet trying to revive. The world once again faces the threat of annihilation, mainly due to the dying Tree of Life, which is necessary for the continued existence of the Earth.It will not be easier for us to find ourselves in the epicenter of the conflict of clans which are fighting for power for various reasons. The whole is complemented by the theme of personal revenge against the Lupa-Lupina predator terrorizing the area, who in the past murdered our family in cold blood, condemning us to growing up alone.

We will not be alone during this adventure

As you can see, the story prepared by Experiment 101 studio takes place on several levels. Of course, there are side quests and the exploration of the remains from the years before the catastrophe. And although the whole thing is quite simple at the bottom, the way it is told is intriguing. We will find out about everything from the narrator, who is our guide throughout the adventure. It is he who tells us about the old world and the present situation. It also acts as an interpreter, as the animals communicate in a language known only to themselves. He often comments on the actions we take and does not avoid philosophical arguments. I must admit that I was not convinced of his presence for a long time, and at first I was even irritated by him. After a few hours spent together, the situation changed a bit, although I still consider the idea of ​​translating the dialogues to be completely wrong. Mainly due to the fact that the actual text is preceded by incomprehensible gibberish in the language of animals and the fact that often, especially in optional discussions, the conversation does not make sense. However, I am aware that the storytelling play was the perfect way to lower production costs related to dubbing and locations.

A land without people is prettier

Another element that distinguishes Biomutant is the world and its exploration. This is definitely the strongest side of this production. If you like to spend hours over a map strewn with all kinds of markers, you will feel at home here. The colorful and diverse world encourages you to look into its every corner. This is mainly due to the ingenious creation of the old world, i.e. the remnants of a bygone civilization. Today’s inhabitants of the world are not so familiar with the past, so discovering it is a lot of fun. The exploration of old factories, housing estates or undergrounds is extremely satisfying, even though the treasures found during the tour are generally of little use. This is where the narrator works best, who will tell us about the found guitar or computer in a funny way. This is largely due to the ingeniously prepared Polish, to which we will devote a special paragraph.

There are so many things to smell!

Even running from marker to marker, we are still distracting with minor activities and intriguing spots.At first, I ignored the main plot, focusing on side activities, and I was in no rush to get back on track. The moment of weariness hit me after about 15 hours, which seems to be a fairly decent result for my style of playing. However, I would like the player’s curiosity to be rewarded in a slightly more meaningful way, which would certainly increase the willingness to explore even more.

You don’t know what to put in your hands

The creators of Experiment 101 put a lot of emphasis on the combat system, which at first glance seems extensive, but it soon becomes clear that it does not use its potential at all. Our animal protagonist has a wide range of skills and is almost a killing machine. He uses both melee and firearms equally well, and his psionic abilities allow him to complete the work of destruction. He has combos, special attacks and finishers at his disposal, which may be reminiscent of Max Payne’s bullet time. On paper, everything looks original and unique, but the creators have completely lacked the guts to put it into something meaningful. Let’s start with the fact that the difficulty level is definitely too low. If someone counts on even a minimal challenge, they should start their adventure immediately on hardzie.

Evolutionary superiority over the enemy

Clashes with groups of enemies take place in conventional arenas. The opponents are not particularly clever and do not use intricate tactics to beat us up. Even their strength and endurance are not high enough to motivate the player to effort during the fight. All we need to smoothly fight through the next skirmishes is a good gun. All you have to do is run around calmly and reload your weapons at the right moment to calmly send enemies to the boards. The boss fights that are staged have a bit more depth, but it’s still not the level I would expect. Contrary to exploration, fights become monotonous too quickly, and a few mandatory skirmishes in a short time can easily irritate us.

Consequences of the lack of eggs

Due to the fact that the combat system was treated in this way and not otherwise, several other elements suffered. Gaining new levels of experience is not exciting, because it only has a marginal impact on our character. Unlocking new skills is not as much fun as we don’t have a good opportunity to test them and enjoy the progress. Exploration and crafting have also ricocheted, because it’s hard to find the motivation to improve your equipment when, no matter what we are wearing, we can easily deal with our rivals. All it took was a bit more courage and faith in the players’ abilities, and the perception of all the above-mentioned elements was much better.During our looting, we find not only simple materials that we can use to improve equipment, but also entire components with which we can create our own weapons. It is a very simple but rewarding system. Mainly due to the fact that the elements from which we create are diverse, and the resulting creations intrigue with their appearance and properties.

This and this and that

The biomutant has a few more minor and worth mentioning elements, although it is hard to resist the impression that some of these ideas have been cut down very much during implementation. We are talking, for example, about equipment for special tasks. During the game, we will unlock a boat that will allow us to traverse the waters or the mech, which works only in difficult terrain conditions. I had a similar impression regarding the mechanics of conscience. During our adventure we are accompanied by two ghosts – good and bad. Depending on the decisions we make, we will be closer to one of the parties. Often, while exploring, we also come across puzzles, the complexity of which is at the level of an average preschooler. Another element is the ability to catch small animals in the net, which does not have any specific impact on the game. As I have mentioned many times, Biomutant is a cluster of ideas that have been implemented in a completely unremarkable way.

Ancient treasures

On the other hand, a clearly shining element is the native location, which should serve as a model for other artists. In this translation, you can see the heart and soul given by the people working on it. The dictionary created for the game is full of ingeniously invented terms and words that allow us, as an inhabitant of the new Earth, to learn about the past. And so the turntable will be a “groove” and the guitar is called “stringbuckle”. It is, among other things, thanks to this translation that the Biomutant world can be discovered in such a pleasant way. When it comes to other technical stuff, it’s really hard to fault something. For its shelf, the production from Experiment 101 looks quite decent. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed in the appearance of the character models. I was hoping that the creators would try some more original and effective creations. The release date postponed several times resulted in stability and the lack of major errors. The Biomutant will keep you calmly in front of the screen for over twenty hours, and for those who will especially like the order on the new Earth, the New Game + mode awaits.However, I admit that with the next translation, my expectations weakened, which had a rather positive impact on the selection of the final version, because in the end the Experiment 101 studio’s work may not turn out to be groundbreaking, but its nature is so intriguing that it is worth giving this game a chance. Especially when we like exploring and ticking off consecutive markers in a large, interestingly designed, open world ..